Any day now, I hope

hopefully this girl will be ready any day now buds are looking fat and juicy.


No amber yet?

No amber and very little cloudy. But I’m thinking and day they’ll flip. I hope lol

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What strain and how old?

Snap a photo under ‘normal’ light if at all possible? Maybe just before or after lights out

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I’ll get a shot tonight, Benjamin’s Gold Leaf almost 8 weeks into flowering


well I tried to snap a few shots but out of 20 I ended up Chuck them all because they were out of focus. I’ll try again tomorrow before the lights go on with a flood light.

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Okay the time has come to do the deed I just hope my back holds up.


Looks like my other two are ready to harvest also

IMO those aren’t ready to harvest. You still have a lot of white pistils and your buds have not swelled up yet. And as stated earlier you have no amber and very little cloudy. If you harvest now you will miss out on a lot of weight and they won’t be as potent as they could be.

I would wait at least another week but thats up to you


I’ve had a weird grow, the plants that I just Harvest look like they were way over but the trichomes showed up. Now this Beauty, her trichomes are cloudy clear and some tiny bit Amber. I agree with you she doesn’t look anywhere near being ready. So now she’s only getting water. Now that two plants are out of the light the temperature in the grow room has jumped five degrees Plus. So for now I’ve put down a white sheet a couple tubs of water for moisture.

I would not add any moisture… what’s your humidity… anything over 30% and your asking for trouble…
Too late in the game to mess things up now…
And ya , they don’t look ready to me either… maybe 2 more weeks… :wink:


I agree with you all, after another close looksy I see more clear than cloudy. So I’ll give her some more time.

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