First time grower. Gold Leaf strain. Is this ready?

Hi there. This is my first grow and I’m a little perplexed as to if my plant is ready for harvest. Looking at the trichomes, they appear cloudy, with a few amber. Then, there’s also spots where the trichomes are clear. However, I’m only at day 46 or so of flowering, which seems WAY to early to be finished. I’d say that 50% of the pistils are amber. I’m growing in a 15 gallon pot with super-soil. Here’s a couple of pics. Would love any of your advice. Thanks!


Welcome! :smile: and congrats on your grow. your ladies look amazing :+1::+1::clap::clap::clap:
IMO yes the trichomes are starting to get cloudy but its not ready give them some more time.
my flowers started to cloud up at 2ed week mark and have been slowly getting to 50% amber after another 4 weeks
give it time. :smile: Anticipation is the bane of any grow.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I was going to harvest them next week!!:roll_eyes: I guess that they’ve got a bit further to go…I’ll continue to post pictures of how they’re doing. Thanks again!


You’re looking really good, but those last couple of weeks can see your bud mass double so it’s critical to be patient if possible. Your plant is still actively flowering and until those swell you would be wise to wait. I would say 3 to 4 more weeks IMHO.

Beautiful plants! And welcome!


IMHO, I’d guess at least 10 more days to go, maybe 14…

Looking great, beautiful in fact, well grown!

Welcome! Those look awesome, but not quite “ripe” yet! There’s get knowledgeable people here, and we are all ready to help when needed. Happy growing!

That is auto strain?

Thanks so much for all your replies. Certainly got a better idea of where I’m at. I shall keep you updated with how things are going!

Not an auto, no…although I am growing a couple of WW autos…I’ll post some photos with how they’re doing soon. Thanks!

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Them looks like getting ready for harvest but is to young for now… I don’t know exactly. This my ak47 auto


Looks great!


I to am a first time grower too and coincidentally today I have been looking at plant all day pondering the same. Here are photos of one of my plants that I think is ready, however I am not 100% confident. Seed was germinated April 11 So the plant is about 134 days? This is a feminized California Dreaming, seeds bought from ILGM. It has been grown outside 100% in Southern California. When do I harvest this beauty? Is it ready?
Thank you for all your opinions and expertise!!!
Full Bud shot 9/5/2017:

Here are magnified at 30x22mm and 60x12mm
Today 9/5/2017:

I still see many white pistils. You need a magnifier to see if them they are ready…

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You’re in the same boat as me…I too am in socal, and I reckon I’ve got a couple more weeks at least. Looking great though! Good luck with your grow!

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60 to 100 X magnification is really necessary to do the final evaluation prior to harvest but like @M4ur pointed out, you still have active flower production if there are white pistils.

Well…I had to harvest a week or so early because of dreaded bud rot. I lost about 5 big buds, but I managed to salvage a fair amount…here’s two of my biggest buds. Got another Gold Leaf that’s going well…hoping for no more issues!


You did the right thing! There are a lot of people suffering from the same malady.

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Nicely done. @Mrsimonon I’ve read three different journals today with bud rot! Terrible!

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