Supplimental Tent Heating

Hi all. It’s bone chillingly cold where I am, well below freezing, to the point I can’t heat my basement beyond 65F (18C). Long story short I’ve had to take my basement’s baseboard heat offline. 65F might be okay during the night period, but I’m sure it’s not warm enough during the day.

  • Has anyone ever used small desk/office heaters inside their tent? Do you recommend any?

  • Is there a type of lamp that can supplement my cheap LED panel to raise the temp a few degrees that doesn’t require a special ballast?

  • Has anyone ever used a humidifier and heater simultaneously in their tent? During the winter, I have Death Valley level humidity in my basement. As low as 15%RH according to my monitor.

I could wait another month for the temps to rise high enough on their own, but I’m anxious to get my first grow underway. Winter lasts a very long time where I live–we often get snowstorms in April–so I’m trying to figure out if there is a realistic way to proceed sooner than later.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


There are people who use those heaters but they make me nervous so I did this instead: got a 300 watt aquarium heater, placed a 5 gallon bucket full of water in my grow space, immersed the heater and set it to 85F. Works great, safe around water, gentle heat, efficient etc.


I have two tents set different ways. The flower tent is set with a temp controller so at lights out or if garage gets to cold, it turns the heater on. Heater will turn off when desired temp. Works really good. The veg tent is set up with a AC Infinity exhaust. The exhaust adjusts its speed to keep temp and or humidity where you want it. I keep a small desk heater in that tent turned on full time right now, and this exhaust goes up and down to match what temp I set it at. Works the best, and I will be getting their 6" version sooner than later now!!!

You could run an hps with an open hood that will heat ur tent and help heat the basement. I am in a basement also. I run seedling heat matts that helped bring my temp up also kept my root zone warmer

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Also u must be in a northern state.

I just switched to a cool tube for my hps flower tent. Veg tent is a qb light. I personally prefer the heater option over open hood. The summer temps for me would be much harder to control.

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That’s y I’m going to have 2 different hoods. Or I will just take the glass out of the one I’m going to buy. My temps never got above 80 in my tent 4x4x7 I ran 2 450w leds also in there I wanna get qbs tho.

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@Fool1977 I bought something similar to this to heat my tent that’s in a 60degree basement. I tried to use the thermostat on the space heater but it had too big a temperature swing and I wanted to reduce the temp once the lights went out.

Soooo… I bought on one of these… that solved the issue.

To get my humidity up I have several solo cups w water and a towel kinda hanging out like a wick. Works fine for me. My humidity sits around 50% which is ok. I have a 4 x 4 x 7 tent and my day temp is around 77 and night time around 68. Hope this helps.


I see what you mean. Not sure I’d Jack with that myself, but what works for one doesn’t for the next lol. Good advice though mate!

Thanks and that’s very true about what works for one may not for another

I have 2 space heaters in my tent. One is plugged into an “always live” outlet and is set to 67°F. The other is plugged into the same timer as my light and is set to 77°F. This way, no matter how cold my basement gets, the tent will maintain the normal daytime and nighttime temperatures.

You can also see my humidifier in the center of the tent. I have 2 of them in there now, since it is so dry this time of year.


I’ve got a 1500 w space heater in my 4’x8’ tent. It’s set to 61 deg f It cycles on and off during the day, where I reach a high of 74-76f and a low at night of 61f.
I don’t love the idea of burning kilowatts for heat, but my ambient basement temp of 45f-50f requires it.

I really appreciate all the information and suggestions. Thanks everyone!

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thankyou i live in nh and this is very helpful.

For adding humidity check out house of hydro web site.
They will have solutions to get your humidity in the proper range. I have 3 humidifiers that I still use as supplemental when needed but the system I got from them is so much better.

Maybe consider having lights on during the nighttime and lights off during the warmer day time? There are also the oil filled heaters that look like an old steam heat radiator that some use here and is what I will probably get if needed in the future.
Whatever heater you decide on I would get the ones that aren’t digital but the old school dial ones as then you’ll be able to use the inkbird type controller to turn on and off as the digital ones won’t work with the controllers

Hi Mfi410. What size tent do you use that 300W aquarium heater in? I have a 3x3 in a garage in the north. It’s dry so I have to run a humidifier. I really like the idea of heater which, is not only waterproof, but also creates humidity (out of the bucket)! What size do you think I need?

4 X 6 grow box.