Supplies, supplies, supplies!

There’s a joke to that but that’ll have to wait. Lol. Ok, I’m getting supplies each pay day, but I have some questions about “add ins/accessories” if you will. Lots of stuff has lower prices right now. On Amazon, I purchased the 1 inch rock wool, 5 gallon fabric buckets. From that bidding site that starts w an E I’ve just ordered my tent & a 300 watt LED for around $100. Now, I’m confused about the vent/exhaust set up. Can anyone recommend which carbon filter or the best filter & fan for the least $$$? & then I also got a prob type soil tester. What else will I need & where is the best source for the best bang for my buck? I also bought a 9" fan when they went on sale at the dollar store, is that big enough? I only ordered a 36x36x64 grow tent. I’m using a spare room w a window. But in case y’all haven’t heard, we just had a snow monsoon here in the south! I had 10"!!! Kid u not! So, how do I keep the girls warm, filtered/exhaust growing. Mind you I’m waiting for a really good seed sale. Fixed income & all. & still can’t decide which I want to try first. I’m leaning toward blueberry, but I need awake, alert & oriented daytime & go to sleep at night. Thanks in advance for your help. Can’t wait to get started. Again.


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Make sure you get a pH meter like these. Those prong meter that stick in the soil are junk, Return the one you bought.

Apera Meter

just ph meter

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

7.0 calibration fluid

Also the tents that are only 64 inches tall are veg tents and are about a foot short for flowering. They can work but you need to be aware of that when you are training.

Clip on Fan

On the vent system a 4 inch fan and filter will work with that size tent, but if you are planning on expanding at anytime in the future you should consider the 6 inch fan. Also the fan should have a speed controller.



Which light did you pick up? The average 300w doesn’t perform that well in that big of space.

And I agree with @bob31 about the meters. Will save you headaches later.


@PHamm, you got 2 of the best to help you out. I would follow what they say. :blush:


I got the 300 LED full spectrum


Thanks got all those on my “wish list” & my choice of seeds are on 10/10 sale. I can’t wait! How long to sales go for usually? Lastly, you gave me links to everything except the exhaust system, which will be one of the last things I purchase but just for reference can u put a link or tell me the best brands or something? Am I going to need 2 lights?


Do you know who the manufacturer is?

Dorpolite from “e” bid.
“ITEM DESCRIPTION: 2 pcs 300W (135±10% true watt) Led (brand Epistar) Grow Light Full Spectrum Hydroponic Indoor Plant Veg Flower. Coverage area @ 18” Veg up to 2’x2’. Jump Starter. LED Headlight Grow Light. Spectrum 430-440nm, 450-475nm. Battery Charger."
Seedling: 24-30". Growth 18-24". Bloom 12-18"

Oh my, when I went to find brand I found I’m getting 2 of them in 1 package (got Black Friday special) & even tells distance from seedling/flower!


About how many pulleys will I need?

Does anyone know how long I can keep seeds w/o planting them. Like if I get them now & have to wait a month or so for all my gear to come in?


Keep them in cool dark place and they will usually last years.

I’m going to go check that light out

@PHamm I use a vivosun carbon filter with two of their 6" 440 cfm variable speed exhaust fans. Typically run my exhaust fan full speed, which helps remove a lot of heat which is one of my biggest issues, and my intake fan somewhere around half speed to maintain a negative pressure.

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And as far as nutes, I use general hydroponics. They have their sampler kit for around $50 on amazon which comes with floragro, floramicro, florabloom, a liquid ph tester, rapid rooter, floralicious, a vegan plant booster, and cleaner if you’re running a dwc, rdwc, or anything similar. I think there may be a few other things in there as well, I just can’t remember. But I bought it and it looks like it will last me a while.

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Sorry, what’s dwc & rdwc?


What’s your heat source?


It’s listed as 140 watt consumption, so two of them will probably be a little on the weaker end.

What you’re going to run into is lack of coverage for flowering stage. Running them low enough to get desired intensity will give you a very small effective footprint. Most of the guys growing with that style of light like to be at 50 actual Watts per square foot of grow space, some even higher. Also I didn’t see any information on the light intensity by wavelength, So it would be hard to decipher much else about the performance of the light.

All things considered, I’m sure it will grow weed. They’ll just be a little short of providing maximum potential of your space.

I manly bought the prong one for telling me when to water. I don’t trust myself. I have one of the ones you mentioned.

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Let me see if I can find the wavelength. It had several diagrams


Is any of this what ur looking for?


DWC is a deep water culture or bubble bucket. A RDWC is a recirculating deep water culture. The RDWC just keeps the water constantly circulating between all the buckets so you don’t have one plant getting too many nutrients while another is starving. On the negative side, if you get your nutrients wrong all your plants are affected. As far as my heat source, believe it or not I just use my light. Even though it is LED it generates quite a bit of heat, I just use the exhaust fan to keep the temps in check.

I’m not too good w hydroponics I’m thinking coco core in fabric pots. Maybe? Maybe FF

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I’m not a hydro person yet myself, I’m doing an old fashioned soil grow. Next will probably be coco. Then maybe just maybe I will move onto hydro. Time will tell after my GSCE grow.