1st post :) LED On Amazon for for 109.00

Hi Gang :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
This is my 1st post. :slight_smile: Super excited to be here. So much great information. I am a total newb, no prior experience at all… Green thumb??? More like a black one…lol
But with all of the great information provided I think I have a chance. Anyway, I saw this light on amazon it is an LED equivalent to 1200 watts doesn’t indicate color spectrum but they swear by their product and say to use it for a cycle and if not satisfied to send it back. What do you folks think? Will most likely be used on a 4x4 or 5x5 tent. If there is something equivalent to this that is currently being used by a member and recommended please provide info. Also, filtration with carbon filter for a tent this size; 8" or 10"?



Please don’t buy that light you need to check out a quantum board by hlg . 170 watt wall consumption will not replace a 1000 watt hps/mh. Please check out the diy thread on here
I have had a expensive lesson from lights like this


Hello and welcome to the forum! Lights like that have their time and place, and will definitely grow weed. Unfortunately a lot of those manufacturers overstate what you are actually getting. I think you would be very unhappy with results from that light alone in a 4x4 space.

Thd best info I can pass along is to shop for lights that give you the total amount of photosynthetic photon flux. At least that way you know what you’re getting into. A single light like the one you posted would be more ideal for a small space, something like a 2x2. Most of the growers that stick with it find themselves buying more lights very quickly, or upgrading to a light that is more designed for their space. Most of those led fixtures range from about $700-$2000+ for a 4x4 space. One of the members calculated his spaces out using budget blurple panels and the other using a high end cob light. He said he was looking at $40-$50 per square foot either way. He just had to buy more fixtures to do it with inexpensive panels from Amazon.

If you want to give it a go with light you posted, nothing wrong with that. But it will be significantly lower than recommended par levels for that size space.


Welcome a 6in filter and fan will efficient for a 4 by 4 . You will probably be running it on the low side of your variable speed. Good luck

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I have a similar, slightly larger 1500w lamp that I use in a 2x2 tent for veg and early flowering. It’s fine. Mine is 280w wall draw which includes three built in cooling fans.

But, the quantum boards, which I also have, are more efficient, run cooler on a passive heat sink, and are natural light. If you have the DIY skills I would recommend them.


@ThcinKC Thank you bud, I will look into it now.

@dbrn32 thanks for the info. So based on your advice I should not be looking for an LED then because $2000 for the light alone is way out of my price range. I’m a newb and in experimental stages at this point. I also have to purchase the rest of the setup (I have nothing). I went to a grow store today and was shocked on how expensive everything was vs buying online. They wanted 250-300 for a 4x4 gorilla tent. :flushed::roll_eyes: That said, is there a good hps/mH you recommend? What wattage for a 4x4? Definitely not 1000 now or I will have to sell my home :joy::joy::joy:

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@kellydans thank you!

I would advise to start small-er

Smaller tent + good quality light could very well land a better grow with ALOT less headaches and purchase regrets.


@dbrn32 will steer you in the right direction. I wonder if you could sort of go modular? That is, build/assemble a light suitable for veg when the plants are smaller and then many weeks later add a second identical light to cover the whole area.

As an example, I bought/assembled this:
Chilled Logic 4' x 4' LED Grow Kit — Rapid LED

Which is really just two of these:

There is a big difference in price between the 4x4 and buying two of the 2x4…but you get the idea. Doesn’t have to be that brand.

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I started with a couple of similar lights. You might notice actual wall watts used is much less than the “1200 watt replacement.” The ones I have pull 180-240 watts and I used two of them for a 2x4 tent. They did get me some decent flower.

I picked up a couple of HLG QB324 v2 led light kits for a 4x4 and they are far superior. A single one of my QB324 would be ok for a 2x4.
In the end @Mendax you might want to spend a bit more up front. You will likely out grow the Amazon type bluple lights and end up spending more in the long run like I did. A Google of Horticulture Light Group kits, (some sold on Amazon), will show you the kits you might like better.


Growerslights.com carry’s them too.

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You guys are awesome! Thank you @poundcake @MoneyPit @Reticence @DCA
I agree, I think I rather spend some more and do it right the 1st time around while learning from any headaches along the way vs having to buy 2x’s. I like the idea of the chilled logic grow kit and LED Is going to produce less heat in the tent and save me a bit on the energy bill. I have to think about this one.

But thank you all for your input.
Looking forward to “growing with you all” :slight_smile:

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Ya you have a ton of options! Personally, I wouldn’t spend $2000 on a grow light period. If you decided to go with a 4x4 and wanted to stick with leds, some of those $800-$1000 lights are
as good or better than those twice the price.

Going hid in a 4x4 I would probably suggest an air cooled 600. Its a solid performer in that size space. The cooled hood and fan will cost a little more than non cooled version, but will also probably keep you from needing to run ac or anything like that.

I don’t remember who suggested going with a little smaller setup above, but I think that’s a really good idea on a tight budget. Most growers fall into two categories. Those who lose interest and give it up, or those that stick around usually expand. Regardless of getting high end stuff or pinching every penny, a 3x3 is roughly half the cost of a 4x4. If you dont mind doing a little assembly, you can get a kick ass light for 3x3 for $350. Or, you can use a light similar to posted above and possibly grab another one later. But for most that stick around, their first space usually becomes one for starting plants and vegging them and then they get the bigger space for flowering plants.

Up to you. I will help you find whatever you feel is best for your goals and budget.


@dbrn32 Thank you so much, you’re awesome. I actually found a nice 4x4x8 tent that I want to experiment with for a reasonable price… As you said, the price difference in lighting between a 3x3 and a 4x4 is insane. But I’m pretty convinced on going the 4x4 route. I will keep you posted and ask lots of questions along the way.

Thanks everyone for your input. Time to put in some orders. :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with that! Let me know if you need anything.


Hey @poundcake :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Thanks for putting me on to the chilled logic. I decided to go with the 4x4 with the canopy directly from the link you provided. How do you like yours? How long have you had them for? I don’t know about lighting but based on what I have read, I understand that there are certain spectrums that allow plants to photosynthesize better than others.
I see that some LED’s come in different colors? And growers use it to flower? Am I right? Is this light going to be good from seed to harvest?

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I’ve only had mine maybe a month. I was told the Viparspectra blurple light I had was not great for flowering so I got the 4x4 for flower and am using the blurple for veg. And then I divided my tent into two 4x4 spaces. I’m new to this so I wouldn’t be the best person to answer many questions on spectrum yet. @dbrn32 has been very helpful to me and others in that regard. But you’re right that spectrum is important and changes during the grow.

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@TDubWilly and @OldSkunk both have chilled tech logic boards for a little while now. If they’re around I’m sure they would be happy to give you some feedback.

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oh damn! good luck with it @poundcake. I’m glad I asked. I need to understand this concept before I put in the order, @dbrn32, thank you as always mate. I have other questions on unrelated topics. Do I look for that specific topic on the search bar and post there? I know I also have the option of starting a new thread. Lastly, can you send private messages to other users?
I was trying to see if I can ask a question earlier and couldn’t figure out how.