Setting up a new 8x8 gorilla grow tent whenever it arrives, need all advice you have to offer on accessories. I.E. lighting, # of fans and sizes, ducting, don’t really need carbon filter, and any other pieces of equipment that will make my grow easy, fast, and productive. TELL ME WHAT YA GOT!!! Thanks fellow green thumbs. Growing in soil.

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Get an hlg for your light.
@Hellraiser @Covertgrower can help better though.

You gotta put the @ lol.

Ac infinity cloud line series for exhaust 12”?

Rapid led OR
HLG for lighting, unless you DIY.
Coco will have a faster veg period.

Ph pen?
Ppm meter?

I hope one day to be as cool as you cool kids and get a blue lab. Lol.


@Covertgrower, shit bud I forgot I had you followed. I’m still learning this along with growing


What’s your budget for lights?

Haha, maybe I was stoned or maybe I just new to it, hell who am I kidding it’s both of the above


That’s why we’re here to help!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say 800$ tops. If you have a recommendation for a gets the job done light, a good light, and a badass light I’ll take them


4 HLG 650r would be awesome, would need 4 of them for a total of $4400 ($1099 each)

8 HLG 260XLs would cover a 8x8 area nicely and run you about $3000 ($369 each)

4 Spider Famer SF4000 would get the job done and stay in the LED world at $2360 ($590 each)

4 600 watt HPS/MH with air cooled hoods would also get the job done and stay within your budget of $800 ($200 each)


Here’s what I was thinking, opinion?

Whoosh they’re selling that for 400 $ the par values are that of a 260$ Mars hydro 2000 (probably even worse)

Run away. You’d need like 7 of those.

My recommendation is cut that space in half with a sheet of mylar get 2 Mars hydro 3000 for 450 each will cover the 4x 8 space beautifully for flower

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I do have a 600watt and 450watt hps bulb with ballast I’m using in my sauna 4x4 tent, haha.

SO MUCH UNNECESSARY EQUIPMENT TO GET THIS FAR! Due to fact it’s an inferno in this thing. But I’d say not bad shape/health. Did have 9/10 sprout! Never mind the lonely duck, shes my Frankenstein! Trying all sorts of weird shit with her, she’s my Elsa lanchester, if you know what I mean.

That’s what I was trying to explain to my step son, about the watt coverage vs area. He said I was being ridiculous to need 7, that 2 would do it. I research and read ALOT. For some reason and I apologize to members and the ilgm website for not coming back to pick brains and learn from experiences. Instead of reading a book wrote by some scientist who gets a hard on for decomposition and decided he knows all about growing weeds.

Notice shot glasses? Fucking gnawing ass gnats, neem on the way should arrive Thursday with tent. So for now I’m using cut pieces of sticky ass mouse trap and apple cider vinegar w/dish soap and water.

Yeah an 8x8 isn’t budget friendly, at all. As hellraiser pointed out hps is most cost effective but then you run into outrageous power bills and all that heat. Agree with Green about splitting the space for now and pick up lights as you go.