Supplemental lighting for outdoor patio grow

interested on any information for low ight conditons

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Cannabis requires a LOT of light. Far more than most plants we grow. A plant will not do well in low light conditions. The plant will be overly tall with small buds if it does not receive adequate light.

Light, for a plant’s purpose, is measured in PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) or PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density.) A mature cannabis plant needs ~800 to 900 PPFD to be productive. A lot of folks here use a phone app called Photone to determine their PPFD at the plant’s canopy.


thanks midwestguy .just got the app.very easy to use…

@MidwestGuy so true about cannabis needing a lot of light! This is a THC Bomb autoflower 52 days old and grown under a small 26 watt full spectrum LED. I’d be delirious if she made any flowers at all!