Lumens needed for outdoor grow


Help my girl is burnt. She was out in straight sun for 2 days of 100 degree cali weather. She got WAY burnt. What lumens should I have for my plant in an outdoor spot. I know a
But if shade helps with the temperature. So what would be considered too much shade or not enough lumens? Can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do. And anyway to help her survive?

It’s not the sun. The only plants that need as much sun as cannabis are palm and olive trees and some varieties of cacti. It’s the heat. Cannabis should get full sun, though high temps can make that challenging. I would increase airflow to manage the temps if you can. Cannabis respires moisture which will help the plant cool as that moisture evaporates with good airflow.

As an FYI aside, lumens is a measure of light perceptible by the human eye. Plants see a wider spectrum of light, so light for plants in measured in PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density.) As a guide, the min recommended PPFD by growth stage is: seedling, 300 PPFD; veg, 600 PPFD, and flowering at 800 PPFD. I’m not sure how many PPFD full sun is in your location, but it is in excess of the minimum recommendations. Full light will result in a more productive plant.

You might be able to find a light diffuser, but don’t use glass. Glass filters out too much light spectrum.

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