At Home Depot and have a question about LEDs

First time grow Indoor and outdoor. Full spectrum 20 ppf 13.5 for three plants?? $22. Also I’ve read if I kick up the green spectrum, plants do better. I should have researched I know. thanks in advance

Might be okay for seedlings, but you won’t be able to veg or flower even one plant with it.

Plants need blue and red spectrum. Green spectrum isn’t going to add much.

You need a good quality LED or HPS that will provide ~40 to 50 watts of proper light spectrum for each square foot of cannabis canopy. You’re probably not going to find it at Home Depot.

PPF? PPFD requirements guidelines for cannabis are:

300 PPFD: Seedling stage

600 PPFD: Veg stage

800 PPFD: flowering stage

What you need will depend on how long you intend to keep the plants inside before putting them outside.


How do you measure your ppfd?

I have a PPFD meter from Apogee.


Oh yeah those are nice.
I haven’t got to that point yet lol.
I was curious on what you were using.
Thank you

Thank you for the info Midwestguy! My phone died while I was in there so I opted to come home and do the research. I am doing an outdoor grow, but have decided to try some indoor while I’m at it. I haven’t germinated the indoor seeds yet, but I am thinking maybe 4 plants. Thanks for the info, that will help. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth buying the cheap stuff. :peace_symbol:

As a general rule, Amazon, Home Depot or Lowe’s will not have a light worth buying for cannabis. If wanting LED’s remember they are the most expensive to purchase and least expensive to operate. My lights have paid for themselves many times over just in electricity savings. Look at brands like Horticulture Lighting Group, CHILled Logic, California Lightworks etc.

If it’s purple it’s junk. If it’s from China, it’s junk. They may SAY great things about their lights but if you spend any amount of time on this forum you’ll find out that everyone else agrees with that statement as well.

If money is an issue look at MH/HPS or CMH lighting.


I got as far as the title and was already like “at Home Depot… just go back to the parking lot and go home”

These are not the droids you are looking for.


Yes, definitely not the place. :joy:

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Thank you everyone for your input. Still educating myself on indoor light options. :pray:t3: