New to indoor in ohio

want to do some indoor grow,am lookingat a costway 24x24x48 tent and novavision led fl spev 3000w light light is 10x10x2,want to grow 2 plants in 6-8 in totes, all this will cost less than $80.00,will ask about soil and nutes later, rite now looking at coco coir and pirite mix, thanks for any feedbak.

You got a link to that 3000w light?

I don’t think it is what is implied in its description
And the measurements on that tent seem odd unless I’m reading it wrong

Is that 2 feet tall? If so you are going to have to do some hella training on your plant


All I get are televisions when I search for Novavision
Might need to rethink this set up. I dont think it will do what you want.

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Yeah me too

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I share the concerns about lighting, particularly since there is no such thing as a 3000w LED. The claims made by companies touting 3000w lights defy the laws of physics. These types of lights are never good for more than one plant. A decent LED for flowering cannabis is going to cost quite a bit more than $80.

Not trying to be critical, just trying to help you not make the mistake that many of us (self included) have made on LED lights.

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Just went to costway and I was not surprised
They look like it would be a deal I would pass up

I would save for better quality components

tent is 48 in high, and i misspelled lite its novashion and both tent and lite are at walmart

I found the specs on a Novashion and it is an 85w light. Not really enough to flower even one plant.


ok since you saved me from bullshit marketing, what would you suggest or a light, thanks

i got a post from midwestguy, said it was bull the lite is 85 watt, as iasked him what do you suggest, thanks

If budget is a concern then Spider Farmer’s SF series are good lights. HLG, Chilled, or DIY with Bridelux are also options, but they are more expensive (and worth the investment.)

You need about 400 true watts to successfully flower 2 plants. What you should really be looking for is a light that is built with Samsung LM301 (B or H) series diodes.

These Novashion lights are built with substandard diodes that generate more heat than they do light. Remember that a lot of that 85W goes toward generating heat rather than light.

Stay away from the Amazon “burples.” Their marketing is equally misleading.

If your gonna stick with the 2x2. Get one with more height. Here is a pic of what 2 plants look like in a 2x2x4.5ft tent ! My light is all the way up top with just the rope ratchets wrapped around the top brace.
The Mars Hydro TS1000 is a decent entry level light and is perfect in a 2x2. $119 new

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are those autoflower, and woooo those look good, thats only 2 plantsmine never looked that goodoutside, ill check out the hydro, thanks

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Yes, those are FB Pineapple Express Autoflower. Almost ready to harvest. My 2x2 grow
Check it out

I think they’re saying the tent is 2ft wide, 2ft deep, 4ft tall, and LIGHT, is 10INCHES wide, 10INCHES deep and 2 inches thick :wink:

EDIT* @Mr_Wormwood LOL disregard above, my phone wasn’t showing that anyone had replied since that query of yours, THEN it all caught up, lol

What kind of fans you got there @CooterJuice and do you like them? I’m in the market for good clip on fans

Those came from Home Depot. They are actually usb desk top clip fans, removable base and clips, and comes with the 120 vac adapter. They are ok for $20 each. If they moved just a tad more air they’d be perfect. But they have worked good in my grow. They been running 24/7 for the past 83 days.

I just bought a vivosun 2x2x4 tent and and a vivosun 4 inch fan carbon filter and ducting for 117 bucks on Amazon I didn’t even need it it was so cheap could not pass it up

Hey man I running same kind of step up 27,27,63 inches bought the spider farm kit. Have the SF-1000 right now would be good for 1 plant. Doing my research and what u hear about the HLG 135 is probably true gets great reviews, but won a Amazon card for 150 and not on Amazon so ordered the new viparspec Xs15000 Samsung dio, and better meanwelll driver then the sf-1000. Only 120 did the math go to cocco for cannibals they have a tools u can use to help find out what u need light tent size etc. Going to try to do 3 in my space with the 2 lights hope this helps, also little thing to remember is to keep good air circulation and the correct humidity its tough in a small space but if it was easy wouldn’t be any fun good luck