Fast Buds Pineapple Express Autoflower, first grow in coco

Well so far good in my other grows. Might as well setup the 2x2. Bought to use as a Mother/Clone tent when I decide to venture into that territory. And the wife says, I want to grow Pineapple Express…so, let’s grow more autoflowers.

Fast Buds Pineapple Express Autoflower
Canna Coco Brick and Perlite 70/30ish
Fox Farms nutes Hydro Schedule
Botanicare Cal Mag and Silica Blast
Real Growers Recharge
Mars Hydro TS600 tent kit
Mars Hydro TS1000 light (Put the 600 in my closet grow)
Popped beans in glass of water and cupful of H202 on on Friday May 15th. Soaked for 24 ours. Saturday May 16th, Planted approximately 1/4" deep in clear solo cup with Coco and perlite mixture.
Tuesday May 18th, Day 1
Set the TS1000 at 36" and 50% dimmer, on 24hrs for now since seeds was planted. Will start 18/6 tomorrow night. Put clear party cups inside red party cups. Placed in tent inside of 5gal fabric pot that they will be transplanted into. Will top pots off with layer of clay pebbles after transplant


Looks like you’re off and running!


@Nicky or any others experienced with Coco. When should I start introducing nutes?

Hellraiser started with his Jack’s 321 from day 1 with sprays . I personally start full saturation 1 week after breaking the coco surface 1/2 gallon every 3 days

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@GreenSnek OK, thanks man. I was thinking about the spray bottle with light nutes actually. I think I’ll try that route

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I started day one in coco with jacks also. Nothing but jacks and a small amount of calmah also. Every now and again i hit them with recharge but they been full nutes from start.


Nice!!! Looks good man. I’m gonna stuck with Fox Farms this round, just cuz, well I have alot of it to use up, lol. But with the 3 grows going at once I’ll go through it fairly quick. First time using coco. But I think I’m gonna like it

Don’t use a spray bottle, ever.
Pour feed in the coco/medium Everything.

I start from day one with Jack’s and my other nutrients.


May 19th, Day 2. Mixed up 2liters water, half Ro half tap. Added 3mil Big Bloom, 1mil Grow Big, 1mil Kangaroots. Ph’d to 5.87. Fed 50mil to each young lady. Mixed 1/4tsp of Real Growers Recharge to 2 liters of half ro and half tap, ph’d water to 5.84 prior to adding Recharge. Fed 60mil to each. Started 18/6 light schedule. Little gals appear to be doing good so far.

Friday May 21st. The ladies got enough stretch for what I was looking for. Raised plants lowered lights. Set dimmer to 75%. Added 1 Mil Cal Mag and Big Bloom. And .5 mil grow big with the 1/2 gallon I had mixed already. Ph’d to 5.56. Fed til runoff on the cups. Let set an hour. Fed recharge

Just a pic I took, thought it looked cool. Everything I have ever done to these ladies is written down. Anyone else do so? Just curious

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Modified the 2x2 intake vent just like I did on my 2x4. Watering nutrient solution approx 90 mil twice a day til runoff out of solo cups. Ph was 5.8 today. Will use Recharge every other day per instructions on bag.

Day 5. Young ladies are coming along nicely I believe. Fed 90mil 5.97ph. After a couple hrs gave them 40mil of Recharge each. Starting to see roots reach outer edge of cups

One week old today!! Been feeding daily til runoff and Recharge every other day. One little ladies leaves outgrew her stem. She was wobbly so gave her a little brace just in case. Finally got my Botanicare Silica blast. So that should help her with that. Mixed up fresh nutes for this mornings feeding. 2 liters water. Half ro and half tap. (150ppm) added 2 mil Silica Blast, 2mil Cal Mag, 3mil big bloom, 1.5mil grow big, 1 mil Kangaroots. 550ppm, ph’d to 5.97. Had roots starting to show at side of cups on day 3. Couple pics of roots today. I believe the little ladies are liking me so far, lol.

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@Nicky @Hellraiser @dbrn32 Gonna set these little ladies up on a auto irrigation drain to waste. Anyone used or know anyone that has used the halo hydro?

Imsickkid uses drain to waste system, but I different brand i think.

Day 10, transplant time. Time to get these ladies into their final pots. Then off to the hydro shop to get some things. Transplanted and fed 550ppm nutes til 20% runoff, ph’d to 5.9. Then gave 500mil each Recharge mixed at 2tsp per gallon

Well my local hydro store had everything I needed. New toys to play with. Timer not setup yet. Will do a couple runs manually with a stop watch first.

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May 31st. Day 13. First manual run with the Eco Plus 185 pump and the Hydro halos I learned that little pump can pump about 2 gallons of nutes in 90 seconds… :man_facepalming: Finally got it fine tuned. Currently have timer set to fertigate twice a day for 52 seconds, 600ppm (150 ppm half tap water half dehumidifier/ro water) Botanica Silica Blast and CalMag, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Kangaroots. Ph’d to 5.9. I believe they are liking it so far!!

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Your girls are looking great ! I am very interested in the hydro setup currently growing in organic soil but looking to trying out the hydro on my next grow. So I will be following your journey with these girls.

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