Super Soil, best place to buy the ingrediance?

What is the best place to buy soil amendments? I’m looking to put together some Subcool super soil.

If you don’t want to get slaughtered by shipping, I’d get a list together and Amazon it.


Also check local fed stores if ya have any.
Or small maw and pop hardware stores :green_heart::metal:t2:

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I usually source from amazon or the local mom and pop seed n feed. The mom and pop stores usually carry the good stuff…

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How about a list of ingredients for supper soil Do sit down when you start adding up the price of all the ingredient’s. Also it looks like there are 7 amendments in the picture and 9 listed.

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I hear alot of people using sugar and molasses what about local honey and what exactly is it used for @Eternal1

Build a soil dot com :green_heart::metal:t2:
My help ya :person_shrugging:t2:

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To feed microbes molasses , honey it’s to feed microbes an it does wanders you could also try bud candy it really makes a difference an I think is better than molasses … . But molasses does work it cheaper as well , an I herd honey works I’ve never used honey tho so I can’t speak on it … cinnamon is also great for roots an soil also helps keep some bugs away but good luck with everything hope all works out

Also it helps wit bud density bulking up buds