Super Silver Haze growing in bed of super soil

I filled up a 12 x 4 bed with super soil and put a Super Silver Haze at the far end of it. Going to have it take up about half of the bed. The soil is a concoction of numerous things. Normally my recipe is slightly simpler, but I had so much space to fill (something crazy like 45 gallons) that I ended up throwing in some other things this time because why not. The mix contained:

Pro Mix HP with myco
Local compost
Mother Earth Coco Perlite
Otter River Black Gold (composted cow manure, wood ash, etc)
Fox Farm Happy Frog
Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Coast of Maine Growers Mix
Coast of Maine Earthworm Castings
Wiggleworm Earthworm Castings
Coast of Maine Lobster Compost
Fox Farm Happy Frog General Purpose Fertilizer
Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Plant Food
Coast of Maine Lobster Meal

The seed came from Nirvana Seeds and is feminized photoperiod. I will add more pics to this thread as she grows. I just transplanted her a few days ago.


Nice plant, I love super silver haze. It was my first grow and I made a lot of mistakes but it still did well and was my favorite smoke out of all I’ve grown. Congratulations and good luck with your grow. Look forward to see more pictures as she grows

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I took a few more pictures this morning. I will wait a week to post again so that way we can see some growth. Even within the past couple of days I see growth.


I do as well they grow pretty fast. She looks very happy and healthy. Can’t wait to see her bud


Oh I can definitely wait to see her bud, in fact I would be pissed off if she began flowering right now. I want her to veg for about a month. Out here plants usually begin showing preflowers at some point in July and by August are in full flower. Usually mid July is when preflower begins here which I honestly just consider to be part of the flowering stage.

I had a couple plants last year that flowered prematurely in June. Those plants had bad heat stress because my landlady wouldn’t let me have an air conditioner. She let me grow pot though, go figure. Anyways most types of plants can “bolt” and go to seed immediately as a response to severe heat stress or really any severe shock that makes the plant think “omg im gonna die i better reproduce immediately”. Any plant I’ve had that does this turns out to be shit, usually they get bad bud rot in my experience.

So in essence I want my girl to take her time, grow into a giant tree, and flower when the circumstances are correct.

Here are the updated pics from today, one week after my first post. Seeing some decent growth. It doesn’t look quite nitrogen deficient but is not a deep green and could probably use more nitrogen. Although I notice when I first transplant plants outside in full sun they do tend to be a lighter shade of green shortly after for a brief period of time, so it could just be stress or something, not necessarily a lack of nutrients in the soil. And either way, it is definitely growing.

The first pic ill attach is the first picture I took after transplanting (for comparison), and then the next 2 pics will be the ones from today.

It was looking better later in the day so I took a couple more pics

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SSH is my favorite out of everything I’ve grown. You have a gorgeous plant growing. What’s super soil?

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Super Soil is kind of a loose term but generally refers to soil that is extremely powerful and well amended so it does not need much additional fertilizer. In theory with super soil you do not need any fertilizer, although I think this viewpoint is flawed unless you are at least top dressing periodically. My soil also could be considered living soil as it is rich in mychorizae and beneficial bacteria. I also add beneficials to my nutrient mix when I add nutrients.

In my first post on this thread I list the recipe for this particular soil. Although it is slightly different than my regular recipe and not quite as strong as usual. But still should do the trick!

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It has been another week so here are more pics. She is developing quite nicely and you can see a big difference from a week ago