Coast of Maine , happy frog n oceans forest

So I’m trying something new I have super lemon haze in coast of Maine growers mix QN then super lemon in coast of Maine n happy frog n then northern lights in coast n oceans… They entered 5th week few day ago n I gave them open sesame

Northern light’s auto 3gal

Super lemon haze 7gal bucket

Super lemon haze 2.5 gal


They’re all happy n healthy


Three different soils with three different feed / nutrient requirements would drive me … good luck.


Looking super healthy in there. I’m with @Mark0427 with the 3 different medium mixes, I’ve mixed soil and coco and found those that I mixed were touchy with a optimum PH range. You seem to have it dialed in though :love_you_gesture:. Nice work

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They look great they need training thou are u doin any lst or hst

Yea I was doing on the one but I bin working so much I don’t hsve as much time as I use to when I didn’t work…lol but I found natural growth I get more outta but I’m having lil trouble with my white widow n gorilla glue I put white widow in dark I’m like 100 percent she done but my g.g

That’s my gorilla glue she sprouted July 19 n I believe started flowering September 1st


They look good lots of colas u should get a far bit of bud,heres my ww auto

Its in the second week of flower


Nice nice, yea I wanna do another W.Widow grow I feel I didn’t give her enough attention n what not but well see how she turns out… Also nice widow I wanna try the netting grow yours like nice an seems like your going have some nice buds on there… I jus gave my nortrrn lights n super lemon haze some worm castings hoping it will bulk plant up usually round weeks 5-6 u top dress with bat guano or worm castings n should bulk up also mykos helps but its a timing game ya kno…

This my g.g I had her in dark for a day n realized she wasn’t completky done gave her some some purpinator n overdrive mixed together as well as fox farm bloom wks 6… She looked ready but IMA wait cause she only started flowering sept1 I think

They look good ur ww is a big plant she looks like its goin to give u good harvest. Look im not a expert on growing but however i am a good grower of chilli plants and other vegetables this only my third grow with cannabis all im doin is applying the same method i use when growing chillies.

I done a defoliation and lst to it last night

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Yea looking very nice my friend…u ever feel like sometimes u jus don’t kno what to do anymore with ya plants I wish I could do more but less is more. I can’t wait to gt airpump so I can make tea

Yah i know what u mean but i really enjoy what Im doin with my plant ,i gave it some nutrient tea about four days ago its responding really well i will show pics later cause at the moment its not allowing me to upload pics

Ya got super lemon haze in coast of Maine growing mix… Then cereal milk then gold leaf followed by super lemon again then northern lights an finally gorilla glue she got bout week or two left

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Very nice looking plants

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@Aussie_autos hey ? For you

You see how the tips of the fan leaves are light green or whitish an or look nute burn… Do you think that they are needing nutes or jus keep doing my normal watering for next week n see what happens

I would water with ph water for another two days and then give them a water with half strength nutrients for there first nutrients watering and then slowly go up from there

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Thank you… Yea I had jus watered her before n got a lilvrun off but yea sounds like a great idea IMA do exactly that