Super Lemon Diesel won't flower

I have 2 auto flower Super Lemon Diesel that I planted 6/1/19 that refuse to flower. I have many other strains I have planted at the same time that are flowering nicely. Has anyone ever had this problem??? I don’t know of any other actions I can take to correct this problem. All advice is welcome…Sniper

Autoflowering plants will flower when they decide it is time. In general (but not always) that is about 6-8 weeks after the vegetative state has started. You are coming right up on that 8 week mark.
If you want to encourage them to flower early, you can try putting them on a 12/12 light schedule. I personally would just wait and let them get the most out of the vegetative state.


Where’d you get the seeds? Are you sure they’re autoflowering? I googled “super lemon diesel auto seeds” and no one has autos, just feminized.


They are growing outside.I plan on waiting on them, was just wondering cause all my others started flowing 2 weeks ago. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Thanks…

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I bought them 4 years ago from Crop King seeds. I’m positive they are auto female seeds. I guess they are just taking there time. They haven’t gotten any bigger for the last week or so. I was just wondering because all my others have been in flower for over a week. Guess i’ll just wait and see. Thanks…

Yep, different strain, different behaviors. I look forward to seeing how you do! :v: