Sun or heat? It’s cold in the Midwest

My girls aren’t quite ready to harvest, but I don’t like to leave them out if it’s below 50 degrees. I put them in the shed with a heater and a fan, so they’re comfy at night when it gets close to 32degrees.

During the day, do they need sun more or heat more. If it’s sunny, should I put them outside even it’s only 50? Or 40? Or leave them in the dark where its 65/70 degrees?

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Photosynthesis needs light to happen, and that’s what provides energy to your plants.
Outside it is, looks like you might still have 3 or 4 more weeks before they are ready, based on the pistils of that one bud. Got a whole plant shot? When did they start flowering?

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They started to flower 8/19, so I hoped they’d be ready by now. I hope they can make it three more weeks


Yeah, they’re nowhere near ready, it would be a shame to harvest them now.
I’m in a similar situation, sort of. I have 2 outside plants that have hopefully 3 weeks or less left. Near Vancouver, and we get a LOT of rain in the fall, “atmospheric river” is the term they now use. But we haven’t had ANY rain since mid-July, and we are actually in a “drought” now! And the next week has no rain forecast either.
Regardless, my ladies MUST come down by end of the month so they can dry and be burped before we go to Rome mid-November! If it rains, I can bring them under cover, but not out of the wind or sideways rain.

Don’t worry to much about the temp yet. They can take a lot more then you think. Even a few light frosts will not be an issue. I never harvest until last week of Oct.


How cold is it in Vancouver?

Last year I lost almost everything to cold and rain. Bud root everywhere because of the weather. So this year I put up that tarp you can see in the pic, which eliminates most of the wind and all of the rain. But now I’m worried about the cold at night. I can’t keep them warm enough on the deck, where there is sun , and I can’t get sun in the shed which I can easily heat.

I could transfer them back and forth, but I’m afraid that will shock them. I have to tip them almost on their side to get them in/out of the shed. Ugh! I guess that’s better than the alternatives.

Wonder why it’s taking them so long to flower? I specifically bought them because they were advertised to harvest in Early October.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wait! Rome! Jealous! That’ll be amazing!

Right now and for the next 14 days, sunny, highs between 24 and 27 Celsius (70’s), lows between 9 and 12 (50 to 55F). Very unusual, we normally have rains and frost by now. Next rain is forecast for Oct 17 and 18, then back to cloudy or sun, but temps staying about 50F at night.
I will only grow autos outside from now on, I only had these because I took a shit-ton of clones and I couldn’t toss them! I have 9 abused clones in the 4x4 tent but they come down on Tuesday, and these 2 are too tall to go in after that.

Yeah, Rome is on the wife’s bucket list, leave Nov 14, back on 26th. Have to have everything curing by then! I have some cuttings that might take, my son and gf will be housesitting so he can water them when I’m gone. If they don’t take, I’ll pop my last 5 seeds when I get back.
Next year, son is getting married in September in Sri Lanka, so I have to have everything done by then, so one more batch of photos inside and maybe 2 runs of 4 autos outside?? Maybe just 1 run of 4 outside. We are only allowed 4 plants per household, but tent plants don’t count…what you can’t see, doesn’t exist!

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