It’s going to be cold and raining for several days

I have 8 plants growing outside in the Midwest US. It’s going to be cold (45deg F) and raining for several days. They are well into flowering (7 weeks). Should I be worried about:

  1. Mold issue on buds
  2. Cold - I read somewhere that they don’t like it below 50F. Confirm or deny?

6 of them are in pots so I could potentially put them in the garage overnight. Although they are taller than the ceiling.

Any advice?

Hey cat,

I would not worry, I have three weeks left in flower and we are about to receive 100 mm of rain (4”) over the next 24hrs rolling in tonight. I’m not worried and mine are all in the ground. There resilient plants.

Flowering they love the cold! They fill out a lot more and dense up.


Hey Great Lakes, that is beautiful! Is it one plant?

Thanks for the reassurance, but mine are not as healthy as yours.

Wow, she is gorgeous.well done!


Very nice,well done.I’m a thinking your going to wear out your trimming tools :joy::sunglasses:.not such a bad problem.enjoy