Cold nights, Need advice

Oct 3 will be 8 weeks of flowering, getting some brown pistils on top of plant where it gets more sun. We’re having 50 degree nights and I need to get these girls ready for harvest before we hit lower temps. I’m covering them at night so they don’t get too cold. Anyone know what I can do"?


Let them grow the hairs will turn a brownish color, or red or so on. Looks like they still need a few weeks IMO. Looks good so far tho

I don’t have the money for expensive heaters, I needed advice about speeding up the flowerings. Like should I put a black covering over them at night, will that help?

I live in Ohio valley USA it frost around first of October they do fine shake the buds after a hard rain to avoid bud rot :sunglasses:

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Seeing how they are outside there really isn’t much or anything you csn do to speed things up.
Just let nature take it’s cource.


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You can build a little frame around it a put 6 mil plastic. Cut a 3" cross in the center on all four sides and the top put a 4" cross to create fresh air draft. Put 6 mil plastic it can heat up the ground and keep up temp for plant. But buy holloween they need to be done.

The plastic I already have around the bottom third of The frame. That mini greenhouse effect sounds good. What cold temperature can a plant take before it’s ruined?

About 42 degrees. Thats about it.

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42 degrees…so ready or not I should cut the plant and take it in to harvest?

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they are right you could get bud rot or even die :sunglasses:

You could add heat stones under the cover like the ones for lizards.

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@Stomper has a nice cost effective solution for you. That would allow you to take the plant closer to full maturity. Trust me, the cost would be well worth the results.

We have been having above normal warm weather lately and my plants have only a couple weeks to go to reach 8 weeks. I see a couple of Amber tricomes on some of them. I made a custom blanket to put around them plus I cap the top with a lawn chair cover, fits perfect over the top of the trellis. Next year I’ll plant auto white Willow, put them down in a swampy area that gets full sun all day. Just need to put a high fence around them because of the high population of deer.

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