Would these benefit a move outside

Have a plant that is an inside grow with about 2-3 wks left. There is a cold front coming in a week that will be 40’s at night 70’s day. Thought the 40’s might help her sticky up. Size is quite manageable. Any thoughts

Wouldn’t keep her outside full time as it will slow her down big time and the plant packs on weight to the buds the most in the last 2-3 weeks. But it may bring out some color and shock the plant to bud more much like throwing ice blocks into DWC. If it gets below 32 F I would not.

Was thinking like 2 days …it would be like a cold fall day here in FL. 42 or so

If the light is more that 12 hrs and they are photoperiod plants you could throw the plant out of whack and cause it to hermie or revert it back to veg.

If you have to put them outside, you’ll have to get a black bag to place over them after 12 hours light is up. Or bring them back inside in a dark place. Temperatures aren’t inline with a flowering plant, but it’s your call. @Stoney1

Currently at 11.5 hrs sunlight and my grow room is 12 …The lights inside run about the same as natural sun on at 7 off at 7…sunrise is 7am dark 630 pm…If I do I will take pics wanted to see if cool front would enhance trichomes

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