Subtracting 21 days from flip is this correct

I’ve been using subtract 21 days from the day you flip for the actual flowering cycle. Did anybody else use this rule of thumb? With that in mind the pic I’m loading puts this girl at the end of 6 weeks. She just doesn’t seem to be filling out like I’m used to. Is my timing wrong? Thank you for any response


well I thought I knew all the old ways but I never heard of this one…educate me please on how you use this equation


I’ve never heard of it either. I start counting when pistils form at the tips of the plant.


I had read one of the guides that the flip does not indicate the flowering stage it takes 14 to 21 days for the flowering stage to begin although it shows sex after about 7 to 10 days. This girl is 9 weeks from flip. Using the equation means it’s only 6 weeks the flowering


yea @coopdeville I would just forget that old saying and go by what @MidwestGuy said…once you see those little white hairs…flower has officially started


Retired old guy yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking but reading so much information is hard to weed out what is correct. I am new at this about 6 grows in and the more I read the less things happen the way they’re described. I’m just going to stick to the basics from now on and react to the plant. Thanks for your input


you are a wise person figuring out that a lot of what you read is marginally accurate and not reproduceable.


I start counting day one when I see pistils more like 10 to 14 days after flip.


Sounds like i need to stop reading so much. Thanks everyone for the replies.


Its normally ur last two to three weeks she will start bulking up


Here we go! Timing! Well, you wouldn’t want to miss that exact harvest “moment” now would you? OK I’m just being sarcastic. Time in a human problem. When you grow several of one strain, in the same environment, and they start harvest 3-4weeks apart, that flips flip timing to the curb. Pistils and trichomes are the “hands” of this clock! They look nice enough to eat!


Never stop reading
This will make you wiser lol
Always go by tricomes and over all look of the plant.
Whether you go by day of Flip or when pistils show flowering time is always a breeders estimate which does not always pan out.
Happy growing

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I used to put a lot of stock into those breeder time lines, but history has taught me they’re at least 3 weeks to short. I see what you’re saying, but most plants I’ve had start showing pistils within two weeks. It’s a very vague timeline they give us. I’ve learned reading the buds is best knowing it’s typically at least 10 weeks from 12/12 before I get to serious about reviewing trichomes. I might still look sooner, but it’s typically at least 10 weeks. Your plant looks pretty good to me.


Once the buttons form and pistils start crowning from the tops, I start my day 1 flower. For me it’s usually 9-20 days after flip. Depends on how mature the plant is before I flip it. This is an example.


As I run 12/12 start to finish my girls usually show after about 30 days above soil. Soon as the skirt is lifted and I see lady parts, Day 1 of Flower for me.

Now with the Breeder’s time frame aka say flowering for 50-60 days I add about two weeks
more and generally my plant will be done.

Just using the 50-60 day as a reference and the Breeder’s time frame is literally perfect growing conditions which home growers don’t achieve.

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Good call. I’ll pick a visual early on to start the official “stage”

Thanks. I appreciate your input

Sounds like good advice. Thanks for the pics roo.peace

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I am pretty sure of where you got that notion about 3 weeks. It is a mind game I chose not to play. This is how I approach it.
Flip is flip. It starts the flower cycle. If the light schedule isn’t changed it stays in veg. Therefore, changing lights also changes the calendar to flowering
Now, when does the act of flowering actually begin is another question. First pistils? Buttons / cotton tails forming? I think either works.
First pistils day 10 since flip

I think these are pistils - same day

A little more defined - day 12 since flipping

No doubt about it. Day 14

I keep my records based on the day I change the light schedule to 12 hours. That is, when I initiate the flower stage. This gives me a consistent measuring point going forward for this and other grows. I also note the date flowers start forming. I used day 14. One could argue an earlier day also works. For my purposes any of them work.

A related question is when do you start flower based nutrients. I start using them the first feed after changing to 12 hour light schedule.


Hey beardless, this was great info and visuals. Thanks as this was good info. I need to stop reading all these manuals. Peace!