Substitute for fabric pots

Ok my dad all ways said the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask
As far as fabric pots go what ya’ll recommend and why

Me being raised on a farm I want to use what I got and save money if possible

So why can’t fabric shopping bags work
Not the semi plastic ones but the full fabric
Are pots better ?


Fabric pots are great. Not sure that brands really matter unless you want velcro on the sides or you can go with air pots

They can work, say a guy on youtube growing in the blue Walmart fabric shopping bags.

I like Rain Science mesh grow bags myself. Breathes better than fabric, tougher than fabric, cleans up like new and can re-use for years.


I’m not sure if fabric shopping bags would work. I bought square grow pots and I absolutely hate them. They never stayed square from day one. They bow out in a very strange way and it causes the tops to suck in making it a PIA to water. The bags I got were supposed to be 12’x12’ a standard shopping bag tend to be 10x6 the bowing would probably cause major issues on the short side. I’m also guessing training a plant on the 6’ side would become quite difficult also.
I’ve never used a shopping bag but just giving you the experience I’m having .

Just went and watched the video… interesting, those look better than my bought square bags. Got to be a pain for run off and such.


I used plastic containers

Are those 3 gal or 5

Very nice are those 3 gal or 5

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Depends inside the suck as it’s hard to find any tray that will hold 10 gallon or larger fabric bags so they leak.

Outside they are great. U can find those bags on Amazon and eBay pretty cheap.

But if you live on a farm ol boy then you probably got a ton of five gallon buckets that work great indoors with the handle and any seafood or crawfish tray from the grocery store fits them fine with deep sides.

Couple burlap bags 1~2 put inside each other. Roll the top down tight.

You can buy the knock off cheap fabric pots I have used both the brand name and the cheap ones they both work fine.

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Not at all, I have them on top of pot elevators (to stay out of the runoff) and sitting in trays, I water then just suck out the runoff with a large syringe or wet/dry vac.

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For starters those fabric bags u get from the shops they start to break down when they get wet and they wouldnt be stable they have no strength in the sides for holding soil ur beat of with fabric pots but if u dont have any and u want to use what you have well thats all good if u have those black plastic pots u can use them if not u can use a bucket

If u want good fabric bags on Amazon Usa there is a really good bag its a lst bag from basement autoflowers there strong they have a renforced rim that has eyelets for doing lst training and there made in Canada

I believe those in that pic are 5 gals, I have both 3 and 5 gals.

These are 3 gals in one my current grows


Sorry I was referring to the Walmart bags with runoff and such… the bag u use are ideal and I will probably go that route once the fabric ones I have take a shyt. I got round fabric bags for cheap and it came with 10 so probably won’t upgrade for a bit


Not really, the 16" saucer will hold a 10 gal no problem and the 25" will hold a 25 gal.

and matching pot elevators


lmao… my pop always said the same thing… i used milk crates just put cardcoard on sides and bottm. poke abunch of holes and away u go