Stuffed up got wrong seeds

Gday from OZ. Can some of you experienced growers please give me some information on growing feminised seeds. I got mango kush fem. I meant to get an autoflower strain.My bad,my grow will be outdoors,hot,sunny,humid.

What is it you want to know about feminized seeds?

How big,long to grow

Well, an indica strain like kush will normally grow pretty bushy and short. I’m not sure how long they take specifically, but anywhere from 3 to 4 months, not af fast as an auto though.

That’s alright. I’m assuming that I can either LST or scrog (I think it’s called)

Thankyou raustin for your advice.

There is lots of information on this site on different methods, use of fem, how to change light cycles, fertilizing, pH, etc. It is not an overwhelming read and its got tons of great info.

If there is one thing I’d pass along, knowing your pH is king and don’t over fertilize. Good luck.

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Sixpackdad thanks for the tip I will certainly read the link you have put up.

If you are growing outside she will veg all spring and summer… by fall/winter (when she flowers for u) from today? Ull have a MONSTER… hope ur in s safe location

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PurpNGold74 yes I’m growing her outside. A Monster you say oh bugger. I don’t suppose you have a photo.Is there anything to make it grow not so tall,would I have to sog (I think it’s called)or would Lst be better.As for safe location my backyard is my location.will be growing near fruit trees and vegetables.

In the garden early June, this is what it looked like by mid-August here in Northeast US. You can definitely top and LST, as well as other more aggressive training methods, to keep it short. This plant was topped once, some minimal LST to get the branches to spread out a bit, and then I just let her grow free.

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A couple other things seeing the pic. That pot is kinda big for a seedling. It can lead to overwatering issues and root growth problems. I start with a solo-cup that I slice four times down the side and partly across the bottom. I tape the top so it hold together, but drains real well. Then when its time to transplant, I just cut the tape and pop open the cup for easy transplanting that doesn’t hurt the roots too much.

Sixpackdad beautiful ladies.i see your pots are on crates is that to help with the water coming out of the pot and with aeration.i notice for the write up it says 65-80degrees Fahrenheit ideal growing. Where I am summer can get 45+ degrees Celsius so would I have to shade the plant a bit or let her go.

I put them on crates to help with drainage. 45 degrees C is toasty! There may be some folks on the site that are familiar with dealing with outdoor heat that high. We got temps maybe as high as 37 deg C during a couple of heat waves and my plants handled it fine.

Sixpackdad thanks for your advice

I believe ive read about adding ‘silica’ to watering/feed. Its plant/food grade so shouldnt hurt in moderation. But it assists with high heat stress. (Better to add before the problems start)

Ill look into it for ya.

And its Spring there? So expect 6-7 ft trees. Look into topping/fimming, LST (cant recommend this enough) n possibly a HUGE outdoor scrog. Starting early will def increase ur yield but this early is kinda dangerous if not legal n hiding it. What strain?

PurpNGold74,silica for plants,never heard of it. Yes it’s currently spring sept,oct,nov. LST I think will be my better option with some topping for a bushier rather than a tall plant.With scrog do you make your own or do you buy it?

Mango kush Fem.

Ok scrog question. U can do either. There are TONS of DIY SCROGs around here. If u wanna build one just type ‘diy scrog’ in the search. If u need recommendations on where to get them… the scrog queen can help u there. @raustin

The silica thing i cant remember who put me on it but @dbrn32 was in the convo i think. @Countryboyjvd1971 is very knowledgeable about outdoors heat issues as well. Pick his brain.

And as to lst for bushier plants… the sun is the ULTIMATE stretcher. Yes lst will help loads. And indicas are normally shorter bushier growing strains. But if bud rot and heat are the problem (or expectd) then growing them taller is better for airflow and combats BR in itself

@Aussieandy Greensand is known for silica and other nutrients. Epsom Salts can help with stress as well as Kelp Meal contains hormones that aid in decreasing any kind of stress the plant undergoes.

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