Strange smell-cat pee-Blue Dream

My blue dram has been curing for 3 weeks and every time I burp the bottle I smell cat pee. It disappears after a few minutes but it is there very time I open the jar. I googled cat pee and there is actually a strain-sativa named that.

What’s the bud actually smell like?

If it has an ammonia smell (cat pee) it’s possible flower was too wet when put in jars and is fermenting. That’s bad news if true.


Start checking buds for mold. It will look like cobwebs. You need to take them out of jars and closely inspect, it may be inside of bud and difficult to see until it gets worse. Do this as soon as possible. You may be able to save some of them. Needless to say throw out anything that has mold.

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I was hoping that this smell was normal during curing. The buds are very dry now and were after drying. The humidity is 50% in the jars, 48% in the house. Like I said, it is the initial smell when I burp the jars and gone in a couple of minutes. This post was for other first time growers who might freak out when they experience this odor. I don’t think I have any problems with mold, these buds are crumbly dry. Thank you for your support.

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Glad to hear that you haven’t got mold. I’ve had it once while curing. I’ve heard other members talk about it smelling like cat piss. I didn’t think it smelled like that, smelled more like wet clothes that had been left in the hamper to long. Good luck :+1:

I have a plant right now, in my garden of many, that particularly has a strong scent of urine! This plant is growing! This is not Mould! This is not from jarring under dried weed. This is just what it smells like! It’s really unpleasant lol I hope it taste a lot better than it smells. This is an old Nevels haze x sluricaine