Cat pee Maui Waui? Mold or paranoia? Pls help!

Hello, I had a few diff strains in the last grow, 3 of them turned out great but 1 I am unsure about… they all have diff smells (of course cause diff strains,) but the Maui seems to have a cat pee smell to me (wife says she doesn’t smell it.) It has fully cured over 2 months and should be good to go, but it still has the smell. I took some detailed microscope pics, so hopefully someone can tell me these are just some odd trichomes… I def do not see any mold w the naked eye and everytime I’ve seen mold on friends plants or in online pics, it’s large enough to be seen w naked eye. Pls tell me what you see. Thanks!

Thats pretty suss right there!


Is that webbing? Check for bugs

Looks like mycelium.


@Grundogg how did this turn out?

Thanks for the reply. It tastes fine and feels good, but I guess to be safe I’ll grind it up and turn it into RSO… making gummies… if it turns out tasting funky or a weird feeling, I’ll just trash it. I’m not sure how it happened. If anything my tent was too dry and the other 4 plants came out perfect. Thanks for the replies!!

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Grats on harvest. If it didnt spread its likely just a fuzzy of some kind stuck to your plant.