Storing Byproducts - Kief and Larf leaves or buds

I’m over the moon happy. 1st plant of 1st grow is in the jar. So, I’ll be burping and watching the temp/RH in the jar. I ended up with 1.8 oz trimmed bud from this White Widow auto.


  1. I now have the byproducts of the harvest/trim. How can I store the kief/larf – until I can do something with it? How long can they be stored?
  2. Why do I feel so guilty? While trimming I felt like I was cutting away everything I worked to hard to grow. Am I really losing a lot during the trim process?


So i just made cana sugar with about 4oz of trim that was in a jar from last years gro and it was still plenty good.

I only keep the trim that’s absolutely covered in trichomes, i through anyway fans that may have some trichomes and anything that isn’t got a lot of trichomes.
It seems to make better concentrates with less oils.
If i was going to do say RSO or strictly eatables then I’d maybe keep more for the oils :man_shrugging: . .
And i dont separate my keif when trimming, i just mix it back in. .
I get more keif then i know what to do with out if ky grinders :sweat_smile:

And long as you collect your trim and keif then you are really losing anything. .
But at the endcof the day, if you’re growing good smoke, you can afford to lose it anyways, if ya run out before the next run is done, grow an extra plant next time :grin:

Looks good to me👍 keep it up


The first couple of grows I kept anything with trichomes on it. I put it in plastic bags and into the freezer. Guess what I just tossed on the compost pile yesterday. Now I only save sugar leaves that have gone trough the drying process. The good stuff that comes off at final trim before going into jars / grove bags is cured the same a buds.


I keep trimmings in a ziplock in the freezer. I’ve used it for making edibles (butter, gummy bears and pesto are the favorites). Kief I collect in a blacked out jar.

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