Storeing seeds for the future

I’m sorry about all the questions but this is all new to me and I want to get it right and not waste money. First I’m going to order seeds and it looks like I’m going to get 10 for free. That will be 20 seeds of the same strain. That will take me probably 2 years to use because I like to mix it up with other strains. How do I safely store these for future use and will they be viable in a year. Thank you

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@Greenegreens I’m new as well and had a ton of questions before starting. Dont feel bad, we all have to start somewhere. The magnifying glass in top corner allows you to search for topics and a lot have all ready been answered.

To answer your question from my reading is cool dark place. So I have mine in thier original little bags, in a manilla envelope, in a zip lock container, in the fridge.

I can only grow 1 plant at a time because of space, but took advantage of seed deals as well and have over seeds 60 seeds. Going to take me forever. I’ve read a lot of growers keep theirs in the fridge or cool closet somewhere.


I’ve store my library of seeds in the refrigerator out in my shop. I leave them in their original shipping packaging until needed. I used seeds out of my library that are a couple of years old now and haven’t had any issues.


You can store seeds about anywhere as long as cool and dark

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@Bracketh has you cover Refrigerator in original pack works great. I’m finishing up on two auto’s seeds were kept in the frigerator five years old.
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