Stick with what I have or make changes

So never thought about saying anything so I’ve been using fish shit along with this recipe for success grow kit is there more i should be doing or am I over thinking it

On Sunday they turn 60 days old im a very happy 1st timer can’t wait to c what I get


They look good, I wouldn’t change anything. Have you switched to 12/12?

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They have been on 12 and 12 for 5 days now I have noticed that they taking more water every day


They look good. Keep doing what you are doing.


Looks great, keep up the good work.

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Because they are starting what’s called the stretch. Your plants depending on the strain will stretch anywhere from a few inches to 3 plus feet once switched to 12/12 flowering. It’s normal


They are og kush fire og and skywalker og


Nice healthy lady

They look great

So I went ahead and added a irrigation system so it can have a steady drip of :droplet: :potable_water: hoping that it was a good move

Some times it seems like all I think about is how them girls are doing what is crazy is that im not done with the first one yet and im already trying to start another one :upside_down_face:

Round2 ding ding