I forgot. How old are these?

Had a lot going on with first grow and lost track of second grow. They are photos. It doesn’t look like they are pre flower? Is ok to flip to 12/12? Will I hurt the girls other then possibly stunting their growth? Don’t care if they are small. This grow has been a PITA. I’d just like to get it over and start new.

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@KeystoneCops I tagged you I like your advice. Feel free to tag others

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You will be fine. You could run 12/12 from seed if you wanted to

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Only gig is if they are regular seeds and havent shown sex yet, higher risk of missing a male.

I agree with the advice you’re getting. Flip them to a flowering cycle, understanding that you’re going to have smaller plants.

If the grow hasn’t worked out, is it worth continuing? Seeing it through is fine, but could you spend time and resources on more gratifying plants?

That’s a good idea. Why take up the space in the tent with duds. I could still have a grow inside with new plants, harvest, and start an outside grow in late March April. That’s why I like your advice. I’ll of course have to tell the girls it was your idea to terminate them.