When time is good to change

When is it time to go to a 12 and 12 light cycle i have heard some plp talking about they did it at 36 days from sprout I just made it to week7 opinions

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You switch when you are ready. So it all comes down to you. Me? I specifically grow 12/12 start to finish and my plants hit past 7ā€™ indoors.
Not my Indicas but my Sativas do.

Some like to Veg for 6 weeks and some Veg
over 6 weeks.

If I was switching, I would wait till they was 2 to 3 feet tall for a Photoperiod.


Depends on the size u want ur plant and the space you have available. Plants usually double in height and some strains stretch even more. If u have a one foot plant at flip it will be 2 ft most likely. @alvino83. I like to shoot for 21 day and most of the time im at 30 ish


The earliest I ever flipped was 55 days. It was four vigorous purple haze. That was even with a manifold.
Iā€™m usually closer to 70 with a lot of LST and pruning.
It depends on space and extent of training


Thats in a 2Ɨ4 with 5 nice bushes

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The plant will prob double or even triple in size so it just depends on how big of a plant you want to grow.


First what are ypu growing are u doin autos or photos if ur doin autos u dont have to flip the cycle to 12/12 you only do that with photos ive herd alot of people goin three to four months in veg before flipping to flower

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I have skywalker feminized og in a 4Ɨ4 tent

I usually shoot for 60 days but have had some strains that made me flip at 40 days and still ended up 6ft tall bent over in a 4x4. It was only 2 plants