Starting the Flower Process, When should i stop the nutrients?

Its march 1st today and i have 4 beautiful plants that i am starting the flowering process on. Starting tonight they will get a full 12/12 light/dark treatment. What i worry about is my timing on my nutrients that i am feeding them… When is the appropriate time to stop feeding, and use just plain water until harvest? Some things i have read have said 4 weeks after beginning the flowering process. Some things have said 2 weeks before harvest (which is hard to tell when your going to harvest that far in advance, isnt it?) Some things have said it depends upon your strain and other factors.

I am not looking for a definitive answer but a solid rule to go by would be nice…

For Reference
Strain: Sativa Scream from jinxproof genetics
Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil
Fox Farms Liquid plant food/nutrients/fertilizer
Reverse Osmosis Water Only
4ft x 6 ft x 3 ft tent
2 seperate 1200watt TOAD LED lights with seperate veg/bloom settings (set to bloom as of today)
4 plants
germinated on thanksgiving
transplanted into larger parts on new years
was planning on setting to flower a month ago, but plants werent ready yet.

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Use nutes right up until harvest, minus a week or so if you prefer to flush before harvest. Nitrogen is very important for the first several weeks of flowering to support the rapid growth during the stretch. Flowering plants use P and K throughout flowering. Feed nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and micronutrients (copper, boron, iron,…) via a balanced cannabis product.

Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom will get the job done. Be sure to monitor runoff PPM and maintain a PPM of ~1,000.


Just what :point_up_2: @MidwestGuy
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A study done by RX Green technologies

It also has articles regarding the study and conclusions on its website

Plants gonna flower for 8-12 weeks no need to worry about not feeding right now

Hey @Bizzle best way to feed your girls is to follow a feeding schedule for your brand.
Here’s some schedules from Fox Farms, not sure which specific nutrients you are using.