Starting my seeds

I’ve got my seeds in glass jars, now on the 3rd day. Some have sprouted, some not. Should I plant the sprouted ones? Just reading now about having them in the dark! Should I keep soaking the ones that have not sprouted?

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Please describe your overall plan here, because unless we know what your medium and grow space look like, it’s hard to steer you in the correct direction.

Before we begin to troubleshoot, you’ll need to provide a very detailed description of your setup and habits.

Breeder/cultivar/source of seed:

When did the cotyledon emerge?

Exactly what medium are you growing in? (Brand and product/s)

What’s your watering program? Frequency, volume, additives,

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

If you’re fertigating, what is strength is your nutrient mix? (Specify EC, 500/700 scale ppm)

What is your light source? (Be specific)

Temperatures: Average/peak/min for both day and night

Humidity: Average/peak/min for both day and night

How do you bring fresh air into your space, and how do you remove stale air?

Feel free to include any additional information, but try to be concise out of consideration to those who are helping.

First off welcome to the forum!

So many ways and opinions on sprouting seeds and I am by nom eans an expert

IMO If they have sprouted they should be planted as long as the tails are about twice the length of the seed. Don’t leave them soaking too long… shouldn’t be more than 48 hours. You can try to transfer the non sprouted ones (and the sprouted ones if the tap root isn’t long enough) to a plate on a wet (not soaking) paper towel, then another damp towel over them. Cover it with another plate to keep them in the dark and make sure they are in a warm place. if they don’t sprout soon they probably aren’t going to (especially after 3 days in water)… but you should be able to tell if they are gone, they will start forming a white fuzzy mold around them (probably).

I started the seeds in water, on the kitchen counter. Going by the simple instructions from Robert’s book. This is the 3rd day. I have pots with dirt ready. There is a heat mat under and one grow light. I’m just concerned about the seeds that have not sprouted, whether I should leave them in the water, hoping they do. Then when I put them in the pots, how many hours of the day should that be with the grow light on? Ultimately this is an outdoor grow, so will put them in big pots in the beginning of June.

Thank you! They are safe for now. Can you say how long they need every day with the lights after I get them in their pots. It’s a bright room, some direct sun.

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I have pots with dirt ready. a potting soil, or dirt from your yard?

There is a heat mat under and one grow light. This is critical, and all lights are not created equal.

Handling sprouted seeds is not a great idea, and when you must do it you wanna be careful.

It’s special potting soil that was recommended to me by the Everything Green store.

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What soil? What light?

I’m trying to help you so you don’t kill your sprouts.

It’s organic soil, called Roots organics, is very light, has a lot of perlite in it. I think that’s what its called, the white pieces. The light is a grow light, going by Robert’s instructions. Right now they are all safely on plates, damp paper towels, as you said. Not all seeds have sprouts, maybe 2 out of each of the 2 groups of 5. Thanks for your help!

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Roots organic is a mix of peat and coco with some nutrients added. The nutrients found in the soil are mild and not long lasting so you will have to be fairly aggressive about feeding once your plants get established. One advantage of a perlite, coco and peat mix is that it is fairly difficult to overwater and damage your roots. In fact, they need to be watered every day or two (unlike other soils which can go 3-5 days).

Good luck with your grow.

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I have had my lights on 24/7 from what I understand once they grow their first set of leaves I can switch to 18/6.

Again, the beams shouldn’t soak more than 48 hours… they just get water logged and the it rots inside.

Are you growing indoors or out once they are potted?

Edit I just read that you put them in paper towels… good!

HI again, I’m growing outdoors.

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