I am having a problem getting any of my seeds to sprout, how should I proceed?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am having a problem getting any of my seeds to sprout. I have used 3 of the 5 seeds and after over a week, nothing is appearing from the soil. For each, I soaked for 24 hours, used paper towel method and once each of them showed their root, I planted them in organic soil, about 1/2 " down. I have tried everything from no light with room temp to light which makes them more like 80 degrees. I’ve read that no light is necessary and room temp is fine, so that is what I have leaned towards. When i tried lighting, it dried the soil out over night. I have only used a spray bottle, as suggested. Still nothing. I am now soaking a 4th seed. How should I proceed? I consulted the grow bible each time. I have done everything it suggested although it did not address if heat or light was needed to get a sprout to break through the dirt. I was hoping you would be able to read my email and address what I’m doing wrong.”

I would try using light and if it dries it mist it down more depending in how much it gets misted it may not be getting deep enough to actually get the seed. But I doubt that my opinion is they need light, once they have a root they need light for energy so the root can develop

Just to add to maj’s info, the seed can be places tap root pointing up or down, because the light tells the plant stick your leaves up this way type dealio.
When I did mine I left them in paper towels til the seed was almost off the leaves, I actually took the seed off as it was barely on (super gently) and left the two little yellow leaves out of the soil, worked out great. Not saying it’s the best method but I’d dig um up and see what’s going on, leave the leaves out and probably wack a humidity dome on there and mist the he’ll out of the dome and soil (don’t make a pool just a good soaking)

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