Help - Germinated seeds haven't sprouted from outdoor pot yet

This is my first attempt at growing. I germinated 5 seeds overnight in water for 24 hours, and they all produced tiny tails. I planted them each outdoors in their own pot of moist starter soil about 1/2" deep on July 5th (6 days ago). Over the first 3 days, 3 of the seeds sprouted and are now about 1/2 - 1" above the soil.

I’m getting worried about the 2 that haven’t shown any activity yet. Is it normal that a couple of germinated seeds might take more than 6 days to sprout? If not, is there anything I can do to try to salvage them (e.g. add more water or some nutrients, loosen soil above them, dig up and replant, etc)? Details on my setup below.



Strain: Cheese Autoflower seeds

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?: Biobizz light mix

System type? pots outside

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. No nutrients yet. Just moist Biobizz light mix

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor.

Light system, size?. Natural light - 5-6 hours direct sunlight, 9-10 hours in shade/filtered light

Temps; Day, Night: Day - 70s - 80s F; Night - 60s - 70s F

Humidity; Day, Night - Dewpoint between 50 - 70 F

I prefer to start in wet towel. Once the tap root is 1/4" to 1/2", I move to grow pots. I bury the sprouted seed until the top of the head is showing. Once they sprout and have two or three sets of leaves, you can add more media to support stalk and the covered area will grow even more roots.

If the seed doesn’t sprout in 3 days…it’s dead. Plant more than you will want. Not all plants will be big fat and healthy. You can take out the weak and sick. Keeping the healthy.

It is possible that one or two take longer
I will soak my seeds for 24 hour then plave it paper towel for 24 hours and plant when i have 1/4 to 1/2 inch tap roots

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Do you think I should add some more water to the ones that haven’t sprouted above the soil yet (they’re starting to dry out)? How about some root juice (I have some arriving tonight)?

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No juice if medium is drying out then yes moisten it back up
Mist works well in that case do you have dome over stater pots
Sorry im at work so im on and off

I don’t have a dome, and these aren’t really starter pots. They’re 3 gallon smartpots, outdoors, that the plants will grow in.

Is frequent misting rather than periodic soaking better while these sprouts are still young? At what point would you switch to re-soaking the soil after it’s dried out?


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I only had three of eight seeds come up this year. Sometimes, it happens. Don’t let it bother you. There are millions of more seed and tries. The world of cannibis does not hinge on a few of your own not making it. I can grow three ounces of premium weed on one seed. I’d rather take my chances on loosing a few dollars worth of seed than paying hundreds on a bag of who knows.

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Good advice, Pappy! I’ll be satisfied if I end up with one seed surviving to produce a single ounce of bud on my first try. Nonetheless, if all is not lost on the two that haven’t sprouted yet, I’d be glad to salvage them, just to give myself more chances to withstand anything I might screwup later on in this attempt. Also using this as a learning opportunity… when to be patient, when to intervene, and when to write off a seed plant. :slight_smile:

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You won’t screw it up. That’s a misconception. If it dosnt turn out like you expect, just try again. It’s a weed. If you prepare the soil correctly you can almost toss the high dollared nutrients out of the window. It’s been growing by Ltd self for god knows how long.

One seed. Fed 3 times in three months. Easy as pie.

That’s a beauty!

I expect it’s a lot simpler than I’m making it out to be. Just makes me nervous when I read all the posts and guides talk about all the stuff to worry about and all the stuff that can mess it up, and then my crop is already 40% gone before I even have a chance to water it a second time. And then there’s the damn groundhogs to worry about! :rofl:

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Never worry. It’ll get you. Concern yes, worry no.

That’s why I need the ganja! :wink: