Stalk Attacking Pests

Has anyone ever encountered this Problem?
See attached Photo

Pests or rot?? When u water, do u pour directly at stem? Best to water outside edges of pot and water will absorb through out soil. Good luck

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I’ve never seen anything like that, but it doesn’t look good. It looks like the stem is rotting.

Yeah i know… only about 2 weeks from Harvest, going to stop watering for a bit, really not sure what to do, the Gurl in the pot next to this one is fine. Guess Harvest or Die whichever comes 1st

I would wait as long as you can to harvest, but if you see any change in the buds harvest early.

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the more that i study this problem the more that i think its a result of watering from the top. i use fabric pots so from this point forward i am going to let the plant soak up the water from the bottom, thru the pot. Thankx for putting me on this track. we will see going forward.

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Yeah, it does look like it’s from watering. I would let the soil dry out a bit before watering again.


Its something other then watering from top I do both top and bottom feeding let me look into this

Thank You!

You want to let it dry out it is from water let it get out then water but try not to soak the stem

thx for getting back to me so soon, another ILGM +

look Familiar familiar ?

I like to kinda build a small mound of dirt around stem to keep water from goin onto stem when watering

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it started out that way…
now the plant has used about 3" of the soil, next grow going to 7 gal pots, currently using 5 gal

If your that close to harvest bottom feed it ! It won’t hurt it I was gone a week and that’s what I had to do just make sure dry it to the bone till next water that alone should help @RJTOKEN


Root rot at an adult age… damping off… dieing… do to overwatering and soil could likely use way more perlite… :wink:


Trunk rot. From trunk staying wet to often or it was damaged and a pathogen got in through broken skin. Ive also seen damage like this from mice chewing at stem.