Stem rot. please help!

I do not want to loose my plants. If anyone out there can give me any advice itd be greatly appreciated!!

Here is a picture of what I’m dealing with.

Mite be fungs mite be bug eggs. Mix up peroxide and water clean it well see how it reacts.


You’ll likely end up losing that branch.
I already lost the top 30 in from one due to the same.
Will likely lose the next branch below as well.
Peroxide and water. 50/50.
Check for any breaks at the base of that stem where it meets the trunk. Might have been overflexed by the wind or bumped while moving. :thinking:


Yep peroxide water mix
They got you covered


have you ever heard of using honey on the spots? in this case do you think tht would be helpful?


Certainly wouldn’t hurt but not going to stop the progression.
Just tried the honey after peroxide and got about 2 weeks before it came back. Noticed leaves started to yellow a bit on that branch.

I just got some EM1 and giving that a try on my spots. It definitely eats the mold. So far after one spray I’ve seen spots of bud rot dry up ,turn a tan colour , and flick off with the tip of my scissors.

I’ll be making it a regular part of my feedings in all future grows.
Good luck . :crossed_fingers::pray:



thanks a lot man. some i can just make a solution and spray my whole plant with this?

should i avoid buds? does that matter?

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You’ll want to Spray everything. Stems , leaves , buds.

You want it dripping.
Give them some in their feed too. It will help build their internal immune response.

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thanks a lot friend. what do you think i should be feeding if im in my 3-4 week of flower?

ive kept everything completely organic thus far and id like to keep it that way.


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First time grower, outdoor in NY. Any idea what can be causing this? Some of the buds are still healthy looking…thanks for the help!

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I was able to save something similar
I scraped anything I could off with the wide blade of a sharp exacto knife

Then I hit it with 1 part H202 to 3 parts water
Let it dry amd lathered it in really outdated organic honey that was the consistency of frosting

Left it alone for a week then took an aloe leaf and rubbed that all over the entire stalk
I keep trying to upload the pics but it’s giving me a hard time

When I harvested the plant this morning I split the stalk open
Found no damage inside
Forgot to take a pic

It’s starving for water and nutrients …I have never seen something that dead still standing up …

Also looks like some type of disease took it over I’d kill whatever is still alive and ok cause it’s next
I am not sure what can be done to save that

It actually looks burnt but could be nutrient toxicity

Can you share some of your care habits ?

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are you in the northeast? you harvested today?

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NJ coast and yesterday I harvested the last of my 2 plants

They were ready enough for me and i wasn’t risking losing anything else to any other problems after 6 months of my life dedicated

Yesterday’s harvest
This one about 10 days ago or so

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those look great. i was thinking i have a couple more weeks.
did you do organic?
how much did you two plants yield?
did you rinse them? if so what was your rinse mixture?
how are you drying?

Thank you and ok so
It was MG Performance Organics in ground soil as a base then mixed with vermiculite ,pearlite and spagnum moss
The first plant yielded me 143 dry grams or 5 Oz and a gram
The other has only been weighed wet at 738 grams or 1.6 lbs can’t wait to see the dry weight but I’m totally prepared to get sick how much weight will dry away
I did a bud wash

I used 1/4c each baking soda/lemon to 5 gal water
About 1/4 of lemon juice in the 2nd 5 gal
Plain water in the third
I’m drying in a DIY WARDROBE BOX

Used the fox farms liquid and dry trios along with cal mag once per week on a plain water feeding day only …

I gotta say I’m damn proud and impressed
Samples of both plants have way way way surpassed any expectations I had

Wound up putting a small dehumidifier hanging in a basket in the box
It works awesome and gets the Rh to 52 but the temp goes too high for my liking so I eliminated it
More consisted without it

At the moment also curing in qt jars with metered lids and they aren’t as accurate as I’d like they are all 3 and 4 digits off …

Grove bags are out for delivery thank god


where did you get that bud wash recipe from? is it safe to use baking soda?

what is that device you using for your phone?

also when did you start? your plants? April? May?

also I am very impressed with you plants too.

here are mine.

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The recipe I got from the web …
The baking soda is safe I believe
The lemon juice also
I’m combination theyvare widely used as a produce wash in general …
I believe it’s safer than H202 …have you ever seen what that can do to human hair ?? Lol
Idk if is use that in my opinion as long as you don’t have mold or rot the recipie I used worked stellar for me
You can even see trichs sparkling on these trimmed buds …

That plant those buds came from was actually an accidental 2 plants in one container …

Sprouted April 3 never germinated
Dumped the seeds in a hanging basket that was left hanging outdoors from a previous year …lol
I’m gonna tag you in my journal it’s a bit long and I don’t mind conversation in there so a lot of it u prob don’t even need to read

The device is made by Govee and it’s the most basic blue tooth / WiFi hydrometer
It’s hanging in my cardboard box from a lanyard so I can always monitor the conditions inside through an app on my phone …less opening the box in my opinion

Your plants look great and healthy