Brown dry buds occasionally

My plants have maybe a month left before harvest. I have had some of the buds turn dry and brown. Some say mold but they aren’t mushy or grey and have no white moldy spots on them. Just wondering what you guys may thing this is? This ia an outside grow.

Got any pics ?


I have been trimming off any bad spots i see also so i dont hava many bad spots left, everyday i will remove anything that looks bad.

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That’s bud rot so be very careful with it.
Try not to disturb it too much when you cut it off.
And spray around the area with some 3% peroxide and water 50/50 to kill any stray spores.
I’d be checking at least twice a day if you can. It can grow over night.



Bud rot. I lot about 10% if my last 2 planta due to it.

Thank you! I have read 3% peroxide but they all say a tablespoons per gallon??? 50/50 is good to do tho??

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50/50 water/peroxide in a spray bottle works. Remove effected areas to fresh, green growth.

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Fighting the same thing and i found caterpillars to be the cause. They will get inside your buds and eat the until they rot

I have also found a few caterpillars also. They have been gone now for a few weeks. I have been using fox farm fungicide and miticide a few time a week to try and prevent this but i guess now im going to the 50/50 peroxide water mix.

Also at harvest going to need to do a bud wash