Bud rot again I think

Hi guys.

I’ve had an auto doing pretty well so far outside, haven’t checked it for a few days because of work and other commitments but when I checked today it looks like it might have started to get some rot setting in.

Am I right? In which case I’ll take the top off it, and if not is there anything else I can do to save it?



Looks like bud rot to me. You can separate bud a little and usually tell for sure.


Yep that’s rot take the bud, spray with peroxide. Do you have any worms? Dig inside the bud see what you can find.

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Def bud rot. Cut out the affected areas and put a dab of organic honey or pure aloe that doesn’t have fragrance or moisturizers. Spray, but don’t douse, with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water. Discard the bud rot. I’ve seen people ask if it’s smokable.


To add to @skipper1, check the under sides of your leaves also. Many of the pests start their lives there.

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Thanks everyone, gutted it was looking so well a week ago… Just hope my big photos don’t get it, they are doing really well so far


That’s the top cut, there were some salvageable bits which I guess would be okay for making some butter with, just hope the rest get away with it. I’ll be paying closer attention the next couple of weeks