Sprouting problems

Hey y’all I need some help here. I’ve tried to germinate 3 chocolope fem seeds. I got 2 to germinate, one of those two didn’t sprout for like two weeks so I looked inside my rock wool and the tap root was just shriveled, the other has been germinated for about a week and I still am seeing nothing.

@jpmor1120 how are you germinating your seeds? What type of light are you using? How close is your light to your seedlings?

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Once they crack open I am putting them in rock wool cubes pre soaked in PH water, I’m using my regular 1500w led light about 3 1/2 ft above them

Got any pics? If the root was shriveled up you might be keeping them to wet and they are drowning. I don’t do rock wool but its a thought.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of that one, what normally works for you??

What’s your temperature my seeds have been super hesitant to germ because of the cooler nights ( high 50s) and I learned the peroxide trick to late

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They’re germinated but now they’re in a tent kept between 75-85 and a relative humidity of 70%

First thought is maybe your planting too deep? I would lightly dig for that one that has been down there for a week and see what’s going on. If u find it with the Taproot going down just sprinkle like a cm or two of dirt on top of it.

As for what works I have 100 % germ rate with 24 hours soak in regular tap water then straight into dirt or coco about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep.

@jpmor1120 I agree wirh @Bow4Buck they sound possily wicked over watered. I don’t use rock wool myself.
@Eagles009 I germinate in a small cup of water they germinate in 2 to 3 days they sprout tails. I placed them about a 1/4 inch deep in a soil mixtyre I use within a solo cup that holes in the bottom for drainage of water runoff. Did you say your light is 3 ft above? Sounds a bit high for seedling stage. Let us know if you need anything else!

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@GreenSnek Welcome to the forum!!! Yeah 50 humidity is a bit low for seedlings. Do you have a small humidifier? I used one for my seedlings helped a ton! Some people dome seedling some don’t its all the grower preferences. Welcome again! Let us know if you nees anything!

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