Spider mites in flowering stage

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a terrible problem (SPIDER MITES). I believe that I brought the
problem in, meaning that my tent was not going to be big enough so I had
a larger tent in my storage shed that I brought in without cleaning it
down with bleach, I put it up and moved my 2 plants into the tent doing a
through inspection of my plants I seen no sign, so they adjust to the
bigger tent well but since I’m in a wheelchair I could not see the top
of my plants. When my good buddy came down from U.P. Michigan I had him
inspect and the top of one of my monster plants and he told me there
were 2 huge spider nest at the top nearest to my HPS lamp and this plant
was ready for harvest so I had him cut those 2 nests with the buds and
take them outside where it was -2 below zero this day and left them out
there for about 15 minutes after cleaning the web off we then cleaned
all the leaves off these buds and seen no sign of the nasty bugs, and
wouldn’t you know this plant had the hugest buds I ever grew and were
packed solid, all the years I been growing I never got buds like this
lady had, and the sad part is I can’t remember the strain, she grew a
massive branch every inch apart and the plant couldn’t have been more
than 3 feet tall, but she was filled out like a X-mas tree, the reason I
couldn’t see the top was because the grow tent sat on a sheet of
plywood on my spare bed, this way they were off the cold floor.
sprayed the tent with Neem Oil & water, but what I need to know is
if there is a killer that can be sprayed on my buds without affecting
the taste. The seed came from one of yours and if you have any idea what
it may have been, Please give me all the information you can.

Many use 50% dish soap and 50% water - some people “wash” their bud at harvest, there are a few opinions on “washing” your plants after harvest - they say it taste better. anyway maybe reduce the dish soap to 10% seeing if the little bugs slide off