Nightmare in my grow room

I have a horrific infestation of spider mites. I didn’t know thats what they were until a little over a week ago. I knew i had bugs, i have been using stickies all over the room, i used some neem oil last month when i kept seeing gnat like flying things, but i finally saw the webbing last week and knew we were in trouble.
I have three grow areas going.
My first tent has/had four girls, they are about 5 weeks into flower, and one day they were mostly covered in webbing.
My second tent has three plants, no webbing on buds that i can see, but definitely discolored on leaves and there are webbing like sacks on the stems and i can see its the same as the other tent, just not the degree.
The three babies i have are about 3 weeks old, and were an unexpected grow, as my summer grow last year had stressed into a hermy, ended up female and male and the seeds actually are usable, these three are from that crop, i just wanted to see if i could do it. those are hanging in the grow room under their own lights but not tented up.
But this has made my grow room crowded, and now bugs.
so i began by mixing a solution of warm water, alcohol, dish soap, eucalyptus, and a bit of neem oil. i sprayed each plant baby, and the 2nd grow tent. I wiped down all the plants, cleaned the tent. I lightly sprayed the 3rd tent, but it was already crazy infected and honestly didn’t know where to start. In the meantime I ordered a Doktor doom and i bombed the entire room on Tuesday. THursday night i used a mixture of CAptain Jack on everything. I actually had to take one of the older plants in the mature tent and throw it away, the infestation was making me gag. the silk webbing/netting on everything was sickening, it would have been a beautiful plant, and was the most mature one.
so here i am. a week of treatment and cleaning. ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED>
seriously so disheartened and thinking about stopping this hobby.
**Do i clean webbing and debris off of each bud/leaf, can i wait until harvest to do a peroxide/water dip and hope that will work?
**any advice on product or tip or trick is greatly needed.
**whats my next move. how do i perform preventative or upkeep? am i overkilling here? under reacting?

This is the preferred method … It uses a bacteria that attacks and kills certain bugs.
Do not use something like neem oil on buds/flowers, jacks is ok up to harvest.


I had good results with predatory mites but they work best if you can identify the species of spider mite and get a species specific predator mite. I hope it’s ok to mention this, Arbico organics was able to help me. And the carry a full line of predatory insects

Thanks, I think I’ll try this.