Spider farm frow automatic soil feed?

Just set up spiderfarm light in my old 60x60 tent but so much light leak iv orderd a new tent

Iv started a
Geleto auto -1 week old
Gorilla glue - 1 week old
Gorrila cookies (put seed in 2day)

Getting 75% humid
Around 22-25c

I got a 1ft tube light (as its in a garage uk)
Iv insulated and made a room inside a room

I need to set it up so can leave it (away some weeks)
Been looking at a wilmar pots ect but just need reliable and wasy to use set it up and leave it

Any suggestion


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Random thoughts:

You will need about 500 to 600 watts of light to flower 3 plants (~175-200 watts per plant.)

Fine for veg stage, but you will want it lower when flowering your plants to avoid mold and bud rot issues.

Not really feasible unless you have someone come over to take care of watering and feeding. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles for healthy roots. Soil grows should be watered every 3 to 4 days and coco grows need to be watered daily.

I suggest fabric pots from Amazon or ebay. Fabric pots breathe and help the soil take in more oxygen for the roots (a plant’s roots need oxygen to do well.)


Thanks for reply

I got the spiderfarm sf1000 and a 70x70x180 tent (picking it up now ) will this be ok?

Any review on the spider or mars extraction fans? I can get the humidity down with the old 4inch filter i got. Just want to upgrade as this 1 is so noisy

Thinking about the new 1 woth the humidity and temp controler…

Sorry for all the questions…

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The SF1000 is good for 1 plant.

Fans for pushing air in the tent are pretty much all the same. Suggest an AC Infinity fan if you are planning on running a fan with a carbon filter to exhaust air out of the tent.

Centimeters? Only big enough for 1 plant.


We can’t see your pics. You will have to wait for them to fully upload before posting.

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You may want to look at the bluemat watering system

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Thanks, for your your input man appreciate it, just getting my head around a little personal grow in yhe garage
Think going to invest in a automatic fan/filter ac infinity been looking at the spider farm with the automatic tepm/humidity settings

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Day 15 now how they looking



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@Skunkmansam Welcome to the community.

Snapped my cookies auto!! This was 9 days ago… now shes grown a knuckle!

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