New Light - Yikes! Heat!

Installed a new Spider Farmer sf4000 light in my grow tent. Sucker puts out some heat! Temps approaching 90 degrees now! Light is only set at 60%.

I’ve got six plants two weeks into flowering phase. This much heat can’t be good. Other than running the fan all the time, which will drop my humidity pretty low (I live in the desert–20% humidity is the norm), what can I do to cool it down.

Anyone ever use a small A/C with their grow tent, or an evaporative cooler?

When I can, I like to have the drivers outside of the grow space. I would guess the two drivers on the SF4000 produces a good amount of heat.

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You will definitely need to add a humidifier swamp cooler kind of deal to your room to help cool and add humidity not the tent itself but the room that it’s in if possible


It took me a while to figure out my tent with high heat and low humidity. Everything I tried to do with the tent itself failed. It wasn’t until I started working on fixing the room that I got my tent in to get temps and humidity under control. Put a window AC in and added an intake fan to my tent. Bought a second Levoit humidifier and put it in the room my tent is in. Now I’m at 55% RH and 79° during lights on and 50% humidity and 69/72° during lights off.
I’m pretty new at this so take it for what you will but it’s what worked for me.


They do put out a lot of heat. What’s the easiest way to move them out of the tent? I imagine some electrical modification is necessary?

Modifying the room is not going to be an option for me. It is already cooled, but no humidifier will be able to keep the room at 50% humidity. The air here is very dry and it’s impossible to maintain high humidity levels roomwide or housewide. I’m doing good just keeping my grow tent humidity levels adequate. With the fan running all the time to mitigate heat, there goes my humidity. I’m thinking a small swamp cooler is my best option. Would love to find a mini A/C with 4” intake and outlets.


Add buckets of water to the room use fans to lightly blow across water for evaporation should help on the cheap :v:


Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have a controller on my fan that runs the fan when humidity is high. I changed it so that it runs when temp gets high. This of course will cause humidity to drop which will cause the humidifier to kick in. It’s a cold air humidifier which shoots a mist into the air which evaporates creating humidity. The evaporative effect cools the tent.

Believe it or not this is actually working. Science…

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