Source Turbo Ethanol Questions

A few questions about using a Source Turbo system:

  • Does the ethanol have to be food grade?

  • What is the difference of the results with 190 vs. 200 proof?

  • Where is the best place to purchase ethanol?


I just received my Source Turbo.

They say 190-200 proof food grade alcohol in their instructions.

You can purchase 190 from their website… expensive but in larger quantities…or they’ll send you to another site for 200 proof…but it’s expensive…plus hazmat shipping…is expensive as well… approximately $36+$36s/h

I buy 190 proof Everclear from my local grocery store…$19.99.

The difference between 190 & 200 is only water content. 200 is 100% alcohol…I would prefer this…but get what’s available. The water could carry water other less desirable plant stuffs…but nothing to worry about.


The liquor store unless you got a friend that makes moonshine.

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Food grade is only necessary if you’re ingesting it, if you’re doing something topical you can even use rubbing alcohol/wood alcohol that can cause blindness if ingested.

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It does if making edibles, wax, dabs, etc. Anything you’re going to smoke or eat anyway.

190 proof is 95% alcohol and 200 proof is 100% alcohol.

Everclear is store brand available at 190 proof here for about $40 1750ml at most liqour stores.


Source turbo will convert 151 everclear pretty close to 190 (gotta have permit to purchase 190 here in Va)


ive bought food grade 200 proof ethanol from for years.

you can avoid the hazmat shipping charge by ordering 4x1 liter bottles instead of the gallon

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Unless you got a military friend that can get it from the Class 6 (AAFES).

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