Someone please help! I think nm I need to start feeding

I have 4 GSCX going right now, in FFOF. I have watered with ph corrected water. I am waiting on my ppm meter to come in, should be today! But I need help with the process.

So I should be testing the water run off after watering, And based off that reading I should know whether or not they need to be fed?

My question is, how will I know based off the reading they will need nutes?

Thank you, anything helps!


How long have your plants been in the FFOF? Typically, in FFOF, there is no need to add nutes until they are flowering.

Target PPM in soil should be in line with the PPM line on the chart. If you are in OF, then chances are that your PPMs are already much higher.

It is better to underfeed than to overfeed. Your girls will tell you when they are hungry and that hunger can be satisfied within hours. Overfeeding can cause more persistent issues and is more of a problem to correct.

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Thanks you @MidwestGuy! And just to be clear. I am in week 2 of flower, so when I take my ppm reading, it should be close to 1400?

If it’s under I need to feed until it is up to 1400ish?

Thanks again for the help!

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With FFOF figure no neuts for at least 4 weeks and as many as 6 even 8 weeks depending on the environment and strain. Wait for the ppm to drop between 1000 and 800.

A couple hundred PPM on either side of the target is generally okay. You can feed to achieve higher PPM, or you can just adjust during the normal course of your feedings to raise/lower more gradually. I prefer the latter. At 2 weeks into flower, chances are your PPMs with FFOF are okay at this point. I’d hold off until your PPM meter comes in unless your plants display symptoms of deficiencies.

If you think deficiencies might be a problem then post some pics and a support ticket and we’ll help you.

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Okay, that is what I have heard. I am growing girl scout cookies, I am just into my 2nd week of flower, but I’m wondering if I need to start feeding because a few of my plants have a light shade of green to them. I have done the same thing to all of them with the exception, I didnt top 1 for experimental purposes.

But I tried to get a good comparison picture to show you what I mean

A pic of the whole plant will provide good information. It is normal and perfectly healthy for an older leaf to look like that on the top and newer growth to appear like that on the bottom.

Both leaves look just fine. I wouldn’t feed until you understand your PPMs.


Okay. I will look into it a bit more thank you.

I will also try to get a picture of the plants, without the light on !

Thanks again!

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Ph is critical! TDs readings determine when to and how much to feed, very important. Especially with FFOF as it comes full of all the stuff the plant needs (well almost all) it does need perlite and some people add other things they like. There is a lot of info here on FFOF, search threads on it and read about as it will help immensely.


I love the FFOF or at least the results I get with it. But pay attention to neuts. IE: When and how much and you will be fine. I’m new to this myself and I like the fact that with this soil I have one less thing to deal with but there are other things to pay attention to but to me they are eaislier to deal with.

within a week to 2 away from harvest in FFOF and FF neuts.and if I can do it anyone can.


@MidwestGuy I got a question for you, or anyone!!. I just took my ppm reading and all four plants had very different readings. Ranging from 700s to 1200. My question is, the plant I am worried about having alittle deficiency is the one with the highest reading. That means it is taking in the least amount of nutrients, correct?

Not necessarily. Do you also measure pH?

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I ph my water, but have yet to test the ph of the runoff or soil

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You may have pH problems which will cause nutrient uptake issues.

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