Someone explain how this happens

It’s nice to have a good problem ! I would carefully remove and Transplant to another pot while it’s still small. So the two plants are not competing for space.
Just my thoughts good luck.


Antifa edited me…

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I feel honored to get under the skin of ANTIFA N BLM Woke folks… Pity. The Silent majority is getting less Silent…

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Plant 2 seeds same time. 1 is in flower now 1 in late veg and one just starting veg. 2020 new math 1+1 =3.


I had 1+1=4 until 1 died and I killed 1…

I’ve killed a few

You need to chill out. Your post was edited because it was in violation of forum policy. Give it a gander before posting again, as there will not be anymore warnings.

You should learn to keep these comments to yourself too. One because they’re also not allowed here. But more importantly because you clearly have no idea who I am or what my beliefs are.


Transplanted her this morning time will tell.
Have 8 plants going now 4 in flower, 2 about ready, and 4 in Veg and 3 of those can be moved into the Flower tent but no room until 1 each Acapulco Gold and Durban Poison which should be ready next week.

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I was hoping 4 my seeds to pop… Not yet. 48hrs down… Nada!!

My 2 GC are blowing up. 1 starting to Flower and I’m just waiting until Sat when I harvest my DP to put the 2nd one into the flowering tent. @DivChem

Here’s mine. Just transplanted them today.

Gc left, Bd right. Strawberry Kush cbd in the cup. Day 6 total…


They’re so cute when they’re young. My GC on the left, her twin in front, 2 NL on the right


@DivChem my grgreen crack is coming along better than I could expect. My little twin survived and is thriving. Twin I call her


If you wanna get all mad scientist? If you have any regular seeds, get a male going or find some pollen and cross those tall lanky Hookers… I have a strain I accidentally grew from a green crack auto crossed with a hibiscus sunrise male, then a good sample of Mexican brick weed male… My young Jedi in Northeastern Utah luvs that strain and it grows well for them… I try to stay away from regular seeds currently. I have ILGM Orange bud and California dream. My next run I might try those two with my Green Crack strain…

@DivChem I’m going to create some kind of strain someday. I dont buy regular seeds, at least I haven’t yet. Oct 31 jarred Durban Poison and Acapulco Gold and no seeds tight buds and a real good high. Hoping GC and NL turn out as well. Dropping seeds soon 1 each Bruce Banner,Maui Wowie,Kilimanjaro, and GTH. I love growing and sharing hearing how they like it. One day we’ll be able to freely mail cannabis and we can all share.


@DivChem here are pics of my twin

today has stretched 6" in 3 days. 34" as of now Oct 31 in the middle


How far are your lights from the canopy?

No more than 24"

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How mush power are you running. Reason being those look like they are starving for light…

3x260 hlg in 5x5x80. These are the V1 older model. 2 are dimmable 1 isnt.

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