Solvent Removal: Will this work?

I had extracted thc from flower in 151 alcohol:

I put the alcohol mixture into a jar and put the jar into a pan.
I filled the pan with water, boiled it and evaporated most of the alcohol.

Now I had the jar containing the mix in the pan with boiling water.
I added water to the mix, a little over 2x the amount of the alcohol.
I boiled it down to the level of the alcohol before I added water.
My thinking was the alcohol will boil off before the water.

I did this and tested it. I barely felt anything but I didn’t taste any alcohol at all.

Should this have worked?
If not, why?

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In my opinion adding water was a mistake. Just evaporate the alcohol off and you have the extract you are after. Assuming everything prior was done correctly. There lots of threads on feco or qwet. Somewhere theres one by me as well.

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First ya need to decarb your flower.

250°F for 40 minutes

Use 190 proof everclear. Put in freezer overnite.

Add flower to mason jar about 1/2 way full. Fill with everclear to cover flower. Shake the piss outta the jar for a good 2 or 3 minutes. Place in freezer overnight. Next morning shake the jar a good min or two…

Strain liquid and material through cheese cloth or fine mesh a few times to remove plant material. After strained, pour liquid onto silicone mat and allow alcohol to evaporate over the next 24 to 48. What is left is called QWET. You can dab or melt and make edibles.


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Extraction with 151 requires reducing the tincture until the alcohol is evaporated then removing the water with a syringe or something similar

Alcohol: This recipe is specifically designed for 95% Grain Alcohol (Everclear, Spirytus, etc.). 151 or other lower proofs can be used but with less spectacular results, at least from a concentration perspective. If lower proofs are used, it can still be effective but will take a higher dose due to dilution and larger doses of alcohol may have a combined effect with the cannabis. With 151 you can reach a point in the evaporation of the alcohol for concentration at which the alcohol evaporates faster than the water in the alcohol, which leaves you with a layer of thc oil separated from the excess water and sugars. There is a way to salvage it but it will never get to the concentration level of the 190. With 80 proof liquors like vodka or rum or tequila, you won’t consider concentrating it at all but instead you’ll have an “aperitif” or specialized cocktail. There is a way to get a highly concentrated 151

Quote from a knowledgeable person, not me!

Message me and i can give you the link if its ok with the site

Thanks for all your replies.
For me, alcohol consumption is not an option, even just a little.

It looks like you’re all pretty much saying just boil all the alcohol off.
The result would be oil?
I’m not sure how to get it boiled down that far without accidentally burning the pan, jar and/or house lol.

I’ll have to research FECO and QWET.
Again, thanks for the help.

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I use an electric burner, a decent boro beaker, a trivet and stainless steel pot

You can see everything in the pic
The trivet sits on the bottom and keeps the beaker off the bottom of the pan but in the water
reducing/ eliminating the scorching issue
Do this by an open window with a fan blowing the evaporating alcohol toward the window

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Thanks for the response:

How do you know when all the alcohol is boiled off?

It will reduce to the point it becomes almost dried to the beaker
Add oil or simple syrup/210S at this point and mix (210S is a gum mixture)
As the mixture heats up more alcohol will be evaporated to the point it is not noticeable
There will be trace amounts left
You cannot get it all out

Thanks again.
I’ve gotta come up with a plan to acquire/distill 190-200 proof.
I’m thinking 151 will be too lossy.

Next best option would be get a warmer pot and vac setup so u can vacuum out all the alcohol substances and leave back just the resin u r looking for. If u wanna eat it for a buzz u do need to decarb it before extracting or atleast while extracting but that would take lots longer with low temp heats to not disturb the terps. I will say doing alcohol extracts did always leave me with a gooey substance like a honey almost. Still smokes with a dab tool tho. Butane is another way cheap cans and open blast and evap the butane out. I use a blow dryer and keep going low blow-dryer til the final comes out a clear brownish color if u ever try it ull s3 as u stir it while having a blow dryer blowing on it it will have a whitish hue to it until all the butane is gone. Keep a go at it til it is clear like a hard candy not frosted looking.