Soils and starter soils

I am really a newbie. My first question tonight is what starter soil do you recommend?
What growing soil do you recommend? Can both be the same. My first grow last month I used Miracle grow potting soil …big mistake…what did germinate ended up dying under the K5 starter lights.

Use seed starting mix. This is perfect for seeds. Jiffy pellets are great for beginners. Follow the directions.

Soil. 3 types of soil

  1. Organic. Most popular; “Foxfarm Ocean Forest”
  2. Gardening soils with time release fertilizer; “Like Miracle Grow”
  3. Home made. Sterile dirt, Perlite, Peat moss, vermiculite; Add dolomitic lime to buffer the ph. Then use a liquid nutrient. Or; Research additives such as bone meal, blood meal, worm castings, and Guano.

I love a product called Rainbow mix. For use with the sterile soil recipe; Add everything you need; And, comes in both a vegetation mix, and a bloom mix. hope this helps.

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I use jiffy seedling mix,small bag for 5-8 bucks at wally world.I have also used Black Gold for seedlings and it’s organic with worm casings at 0.5-0-0 NPK.I’ve had 100% using both pure or mixed at 50-50,30-70,etc…

I’ve heard great things about rainbox mix.Old farmers love it.
I’m going to try adding 1/3 coca coir,1/3 Black Gold and add some perlite and that should lower my NPK ratio to 0.15-0-0 and I can build on it.
If there was more info on ilgm booster I’d try it but no NPK ratio,no info on how much is in bottles or directions.I do want to know what my plants are getting even if it’s just the NPK ratio.

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Latewood can you provide a ink to rainbox mix?I googled it but I can only find nutes called rainbox.

I will get you the info you need later today.

Here is one link to the product. You can search the W3 for the best deal for you.

Buy Rainbox Mix here; Or, there

I also found 20 LB bags of this product on ebay. Peace

Can I use a soil of 5:2:2?