Planning for first ever grow

So when ive germinated my seeds and need to move them to their first pots. What kind of soil should i use.

Im thinking to use a non pre-fertilised soil for first two weeks then switch to canna soil(nitrogen rich soil) when fully in veg stage.
Im based in netherlands so any buying suggestions are greatly appreciated as im having no luck sourcing the recommended happy frog or fox farm ocean

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Welcome to this great community I gave a newbie a lot of beginner tips Here for setup if you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask

Are you open to a different medium? Coco is a soilless medium, if you look around there might be compressed bricks or loose bags.
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Thanks guys, but still a little confused. As i read that when u transplant seedlings(first time) in to pre-mix soil they risk nutrient burn.
Or am i over thinking?

Dont have access to any good products(happy f/fox farm) and racking my brain knowing i could screw it up from the get go!

Sorry, it takes we a while to type.Thought for my first grow id do soil then with a bit more experience id go coco.
Or did i get that backwards🤣?

That’s what I’m doing now… well sorta (my mix peat moss / compost has no actual soil but acts like soil because of the compost microbes just at a lower ph) but either way you go with natural or synthetic fertilizers you’ll need to ph your water , and let your medium dry out 50%+ between your waterings just in coco you’ll be doing it more often (coco also needs more calcium then all other mediums) ff ocean farm is a little to hot for seedlings so people usually mix it with happy frog

Just use a peat based mix to start seedlings in normally peat and perlite. Once they pop up see if you can get some seaweed and or kelp extract and use it very sparingly. Baby plants love the stuff. After they are 3 or 4 sets of leaves they are well on their way for super soil mixed 30/70 ish with peat and perlite. Or stay in peat mix and use fertilizers.

As this is the case, although it may not be the perfect ratios of slow release fertilisers you’ll do just fine with a premium potting mix from your local nursery.

Have a look into super soil recipes & liquid teas for the future.