Soilponics ? Has anyone tried this

I was wondering if anyone has tried this new hybrid i seen a video online and was wondering if anyone has used this setup before
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wow, that looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to hear more on it

I am pretty sure one of our members used something similar with no real assessment of their results actually think it was a senior member who’s now a mod @garrigan62 but I can’t remember end result?
I personally as a hydro grower think of it as hydro with added complications of soil


Heard of it and done some of my own research on it. I see the pros and cons of it, and I do remember a member of the forum growing with this technique I just don’t know who it was lol

I do remember this though, there has to be something being used as a barrier between the soil and hydro at the bottom. I always wondered if adding an air stone to the bottom of your typical plastic pots would help with aeration and keep the bottoms from staying moist for too long.

I’ve been really debating whether or not I should try a soil grow again…



Morning @ktreez420 and here I am wishing I had just started in hydro so that transition wouldn’t so intimidating. The changing of the water weekly and constantly needing monitoring seems like a lot of extra work for my situation. I water 2 or 3 times a week for 6 weeks then go to feed water feed till amber trichs show up . Easy peesy lemon squeezy. Hydroponics just intimidate me I feel I would screw it up for sure


I also have heard of it but never actually tried it
And I do remember someone here doing a test on it but as @ktreez420 said I can’t remember who it was either lol
If you have the equipment to try it give it a go and start a thread I think you have a good following
On it
@Oldstoner good day sir long time bro
I wanting to try the hydro to and think I’m going to give it a go this winter when I can spend the time with it
I’m going to try one bucket at first and see if I like it and can pull it off I’m with you tho is does seem like a lot more work ? But from what I’ve read and seen it may be worth doing :+1:


@Donaldj is correct… this process dose not work for mg… it’s the design itself that is the problem… :wink:
I have self watering Wicking pots that I designed for my wife’s outdoor garden that has ridiculous results… :wink:

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It isn’t that hard to do a dwc I did it for a test run but you guys have all the equipment. I was ill equipped for the job and messed it up . But the growth of it makes me want to do it again which I will in the near future


Thanks @Ocean_grower
I’ll be giving it a go soon for sure

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Hydro sounds more like a winter grow to me with the heat issues in the reservoir. Good idea. Hydro interests me too but I chose coco as a way to dip my toe, so to speak lol. Like you I might try DWC this winter when we aren’t traveling.

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Nice @Myfriendis410 we can learn together hahahha
I’ve been looking into it more and more and the joe Si read the more I want to try it

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Very interesting set up.

Rite on :+1:t3::+1:t3: