Aeroponic? Let’s go! Send help!

Ok so I seen something and figured I’d have a go at it. Watched a few videos and figured “hold my beer I got this”

So here goes nothing

image image image

Forgot the after pic of the lower reservoir. It also houses 3 air stones (over kill) and a small 1/2 pump that pushes water thru the nozzles.

System is a flood and drain, pump comes on every 3 hours for 30 mins and then excess water drains out of the bottom of the upper tank to a lower reservoir. Small 2x2x4 area to grow in with a lower 2x2x4 to house all everything else.

I seen a lot of aeroponic setups but none that split plants and reservoir, they all seem to basically be dwc with a misting rooter


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Has anyone played around with this stuff I’m in unknown territory


@dbrn32 send help! Mind adding that to my title please?

Also if you got any advice drop me a life preserver because I’m drowning over here! No leaks yet but way out of my comfort zone

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Not me… but i know a guy…

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I did the almost the exact same thing… :grin: it didn’t work as well as id hoped, and the plants didn’t do very well.

I had photos but I don’t know where they have gone…

but I put this down to the temperature as the water is in the top vessel it heated up under the lights perhaps… I don’t know exactly, for me I ended up scraping mine… its hot where I am so dwc worked better…

can u keep it cool? chiller?

im not saying it wont work I hope u work through the bugs so I can get mine going again if I have the need for it… :smile:

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Sorry I’m a soil grower.

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@kettle damn did you have a separate reservoir?

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@MrPeat I tagged you for emotional support



@Covertgrower has an aero setup. Best guy I knew to ask passed away last year.

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Tagged covert thanks for adjusting the title also

i did it was almost the exact same but i used those twirly sprinklers… hang on its on here ill find it… :grin:

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The eff is a twirly sprinkler

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Pump in that same container? Or you just running it to show me how it works?

I’ve got the pump running from a separate tote that’s located in an area not in the tent

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I’m still out of my comfort zone on this stuff, but thinking about going this way too.

I had a thought if I ever wanted to do this, I’d get a water pump from a Marine store. Luckily, I just don’t have the space for something like this.

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Don’t mind all those holes, I borrowed a cloner setup for a reservoir it’s holds water…

12 gallons sorry had to check amazon to see size

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could take care of the issue… :ok_hand:

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Oh kettle you already know, if I’m growing it we will find new problems to get past, and if there aren’t any I’ll find something we can debate over… like the saturation levels in the top tote vs the ionized particulates of salts

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